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I’ll be completely honest with you guys here, I know nothing about football whatsoever, but this week in the pictures from the past slot, I have a soccer special. Top reader and contributor [Howmuch?] recently located some interesting newspaper scans showing popular local teams of our area in 1921. Some of the names seem very familiar, and I’m hoping that readers can shed some light on the dashing young players in their team photos.

Also in the mix are a couple of images from the 1960’s, which I’m sure will stir memories for those discussing the old Central Boys’ School, pupils and teachers from which must surely be in these two teams.

I thank [Howmuch?] for another top quality contribution, and of course, David F. Vodden for putting together such a wonderful book. If you get chance, bag a copy – it’s brilliant.

Little Norton 1921: (left to right) back row: W. Millerchip (secretary), P. Bentley, J. Hurley (Treasurer) Middle row: E. Bates (Trainer), H. Bayley, W. Shenton, A. Thompson, W. Tonks, H. Taylor Front Row B. Jones, F. Turner, J. White, (captain), S. Sharratt, E.Fairfield.

One for the Central School historians, I feel... Taken from 'Around Pelsall and Brownhills in old photographs' by David F. Vodden.

Brownhills Town 1921 (left to right) Back row: Adams (injured), Wilkes (Goalkeeper), Gregory, I. Humphries (Committeeman) Second Row: W. E. Cooper (secretary), Jones, Cooper, E. Lowe, Madhan (Trainer) and J. Brown Front row: W. Cooper, W. Biggins, Davis, Ellis, Shingler, Cole.

Possibly some Central School pupils here. Taken from 'Around Pelsall and Brownhills in old photographs' by David F. Vodden.

Chasetown Colliery 1921 (left to right) Back row: Walker, Roberts, James, N. Evans, Copper, Kent, Jukes (Trainer), Jack Roberts, Broadway Front row: Corbett, Barton (Captain), Ebury, R. Evans, Parsons. THe cup on the left is the Wednesbury Charity, and the right the Walsall Charity, both won last season.

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4 Responses to On the wing

  1. Anonymous says:

    I don’t recognise any of the names or faces looking out across the years from the teachers team picture. I like the thought such a team existed, but it would have been a little into my time at Central and the arrival of Mr Ford and Mr Jenkins (although he was a cricket and rugger man) before we had some serious candidates for selection in terms of youth and inclination.

    I’ve studied the schools team picture but alas can’t recollect any the players.

  2. Grande Pablo says:

    P Brightman in the 1960’s teachers team was Peter Brightman, PE Master at Pelsall from mid-70’s to 1983-4-ish – moonlighted in the English department too.

    Abiding memories:
    – Taught me all I needed to know about playing football & rugby in a lightweight kagoul.
    – Made me lick the soap in the office when I called some ‘a tiddler’ in Year 7 rugby
    – Motored at us on the school field in his car on dusky evening yelling at us ‘it’s people like you who are ruining the field’.

    Happy Days.

  3. Mandy Adshead says:

    Hi There,

    I’m interested in the photo of the Brownhills Town 1921. Back row 2nd from the left looks a lot like my Grandad Jack Adams. We have never been aware that he played football. Obviously I could be totally wrong and it could be another Adams. Is there anyway I could find further information on this?

    At the time the photograph was taken (1921) he would be living in Pelsall Road with his parents Tom and Mary Ann Adams.

    May I say, as a keen and enthusiastic family historian what a great site!

    Many Thanks

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