Calm in traffic

Leaving Walsall Town Centre, about 5:00pm 28th March 2011. Note that right turns at the junction of Lichfield Street and Hatherton road are prohibited for ordinary vehicles. Red lights, bus lanes and give way lines seem to count for nothing these days.

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5 Responses to Calm in traffic

  1. 7rin says:

    OMFG! You should pass this over to the police and tell them you want to report three (think it was three I counted) crimes, at least two of which you have a clear shot of the registration plate for. *nods*

    Of course, I wouldn’t actually expect them to get off their arses and do anything about it, but it’d be nice if they did.

    ‘S a good cam. vid. btw – care to share details of the hardware? :}

  2. Sadly, this stuff in endemic and the police would be busy with it 36 hours a day. They only one I thought particularly deserved to have his collar felt was the moped twonk. Hopefully, Darwinism will take care of his genetics soon.
    The lady who pushes her way over the give way line at Queen Mary’s made full eye contact with me, and still pushed out. If she hadn’t have done, I wouldn’t have gone round her. She knew I was there and decided to do that.
    The camera is a ContourHD.

    Which I’ve been loaned from work for a bit…

    Best wishes


  3. Roger Jones says:

    I’ve seen dozens of cars making the now illegal right turn into Lichfield street. Last year when the ‘no right turn’ was introduced there were Police waiting outside the Library for offending drivers; as can be seen on this photo I took in October.
    I walk past here frequently … still plenty of offenders, but no sign of enforcement.

  4. DocDelete says:

    Exactly. I hate watching stuff like this because it gets me so riled, and because these things happen all the time. I do a scant 3 miles in the PM for the school run, limited exposure to numpties you might say. However, every day some sort of avoiding action is required.

    As for the give-way creeper: the worst kind of driver – the one that sees you but dismisses you. It also gives a clue as to their speed perception, in the same way as left hook motorists. The see a cyclist, and gauge the cyclist’s speed based on what they were capable of the last time they cycled, presumably 30 years ago in the playground, or last week on the pavement.

  5. stymaster says:


    That’s pretty nice for such a short video.

    I’m not trying to excuse the Peugeot driver at QM, but visibility at that junction is not overly good when driving: the angle is awkward- but if she made eye contact, she clearly thought ‘fuck it’. Just saying it’s not a good junction.

    The moped rider will hopefully not hurt anyone else when he inevitably hits something: too fast fro the conditions and poor observation- a clear DWDC&A there.

    As to Trafplod, well, there’s hardly any of them around anymore: the approach seems to be traffic calming, speed cameras and lower speed limits rather than good sense and enforcement of better driving standards.

    You only have to witness the number of cars driving through the bus staion these days to see just one aspect how how much regard is given to signs…

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