A Grand Day Out


Left to Right Brenda Hickman, Mrs Hamblet, Child unknown, Jim Partridge, Hilda Martin, Stan Jenkins, Vic Hamblet, Dora Partridge, Child Unknown, Vic Hickman, Sam Martin is the man in the centre

Last week, I was sent this fantastically evocative image by top contributor Steve Hickman. I know it’s not quite Brownhills, but I know there were, and maybe still are, several members of the Walsall Motorcycle Club in our locality, notably in Walsall Wood. I’m aware that several readers in particular will find this photo remarkable.

I love the way that everyone in it – particularly the two little girls – look so happy. I guess there would have been sidecars for them – one can only marvel at the wonder of the classic machines that these people rode . Nnames like Ariel, Norton, Triumph and BSA spring to mind. I just love the clothing, the poses and the sense of togetherness. It’s very much a period piece.

Steve Hickman had this to say:

Walsall Motor Cycle Club

The attached photo shows some members of the Walsall Motor Cycle Club. It was taken on a day out to Ludlow castle. The view shows the Castle’s North Tower. I believe it was taken in 1949 or 1950. I have shown the photograph to Mr Gordon Mycock, who is still a member of the club after an amazing 61 years, and although he is not in the picture a number of his friends were. He has very kindly identified the names of most of them.  It is an interesting photograph not just for those incredible fashions. At this time the motor car was only really just becoming affordable  to the average working family. So many would have had a  motorbike and sidecar. The WMCC seems to have drawn quite a few members from around Stonnall and Walsall Wood. This was also a time when British Engineering was at its height. Triumph, Royal Enfield, Arial, BSA. Unfortunately British manufacturers rested on their laurels and allowed the foreign competion to start importing bikes with more modern technology, styling and probably reliability. I am sure that is a topic that can still provoke heated debate. However I would be interested if anyone else has photographs of the Walsall club from around this date as my dad was a keen member and he may just turn up in the odd photo.

So come on then readers, what have you got? Do you have any memories of bike outings, of the club, or even of biker pubs, cafes or haunts of the period? What about the motorcycle shop in Brownhills – Motorcycle Generation – what do you know about that?

As always, I thank Steve for his wonderful contribution. Cheers old chap.

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  2. Clive says:

    In the late 70s i used to go to the Lichfield and District Motorcycle Club which had there meetings at Walsall Wood Football Cub, then later on they moved to the Labour Club Streets corner. they had many outing on weekends. Barrie Taylor from Taylors Cafe Brownhills was one of the members, I wonder if the Lichfield and District mc club are still going?

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