Your local council needs you (via The Plastic Hippo)

The Plastic Hippo has written an excoriating post about Walsall Council’s risible ‘Online Budget Simulator’ game, a wheedling, cynical little piece of propaganda aimed at convincing us all there’s no alternative to the menu of cuts, decimation and hard cheese to be foisted upon us by Mike Bird and his mates in the Walsall Council cabinet. The Hippo makes some very good points – particularly about the comment facility attached to the web trinket, and raises some interesting links to current posturing by our diminutive leader, detailed in my post ‘Hard Times’, in which the councillor raises the spectre of closing libraries – many have which have just undergone refurbishment.
Strange days indeed.

Your local council needs you The powerful intellects at Walsall council are once again directing their collective genius to setting a municipal budget. Rather than be accused of repeating the imposed vandalism of this current financial year, the council will blame council tax payers in Walsall for the next slash and burn budget. Engaging with the public in the form of “consultation” has proved to be very useful to our council in its heroic attempt to waste money and cut serv … Read More

via The Plastic Hippo

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