Classics at Chasewater: this weekend!

The ever-wonderful Chasewater Stuff’s Railway Blog has made me aware that this Sunday (26th September 2010), there’s another classic vehicle event happening at Chasewater. Like the one in late April, I’ve not seen any publicity for it over much, but then, we’re not getting many free papers right now. This weekend’s event is put on by the same folks who did the well-reviewed ‘Cars in the Park’ show at Beacon Park in Lichfield, so it looks to be a decent day out.

From the event website:

Classics at Chasewater

Hot on the heels of our success at Beacon Park the Cars in the Park committee have organised a one day classic car exhibition at Chasewater on Sunday 26th September 2010.

Just like Cars in the Park there will be no admission charge for individual classic entries or members of the public.

Rather than lay out specific areas for Car Clubs we are welcoming car club members as individual entries but will do our best to site club members together.

As was the case at Cars in the Park 2010, we will be collecting donations on behalf of Rotary Club charities.

As usual, there will be on-site catering available; adequate toilet facilities and plenty of public car parking.

The exhibition will be open to individual entries from 8am (with last entry at 11am).

Members of the public will be able to enter from 10am.

If you have any questions please e-mail us! (chairman at carsinthepark dot com)

I’ll certainly take a pootle down there if I’m free, and suggest anyone who loves old motors does the same. The memories these things bring back…

Hopefully, there will be one of these: I've a soft spot for those old Rovers. Picture from the event website.

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4 Responses to Classics at Chasewater: this weekend!

  1. stymaster says:

    Going all petrolhead Bob?

    I love SD1s as well. I’m planning a wander up there.

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  3. Bruce Kain says:

    Alas, It is no more …….. : (

    Walsall Council have this wonderful facility but do nothing with it, ok there’s Iron Man but there should be more going here during the Summer months !

    • There is cars in the park at Beacon Park this weekend.

      Walsall don’t own or operate Chasewater, Staffordshire do.

      Classics in the park and Chasewater Transport Show were operated by private ventures, the Transport show being moved to to a larger site then folding, and the last Classics was last year, maybe another this but the operators don’t advertise it.


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