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Blaeu’s map: Knave’s Castle was noted before Brownhills… from digDeeper.

Following his comment this evening on my post ‘The past is a different place‘, the work of the enigmatic Paul has been engaging me all evening. His digDeeper site not only sheds some light on lost Brownhills earthwork, Knave’s Castle, but lots of other interesting stuff, too. I really liked his articles about surveyor’s benchmarks, Brinsford ordnance depot, and the lost village of Newdale. Like the excellent Tamworth Time Hikes, I’ve a feeling I’ll be returning to digDeeper frequently.

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  • This is an awesome post dear. Thank you. 🙂

  • Thanks for the kind words. The benchmarks page has been updated with a slideshow, a little more has been included about Newdale and an interesting photo of Walsall Wood railway station has been added.

  • Pedro

    Hi Bob,

    Some of the above links do not work now!

    Regards Pedro

    • Sadly, people will insist on changing their site structures without telling me… :0/

      Go here http://www.digdeeper.org.uk and navigate around from there.



  • Hello again,

    Sorry about the site changes! Just thought I’d let you know that a fantastic 30 page article about Knaves Castle has been published by David Horowitz:

    Staffordshire Archaeological & Historical Society
    Transactions Volume XLVI pp33-71

    You can buy it on-line: http://www.sahs.uk.net/page10.html or find it at your local reference libray/archives.

    Best regards


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