Canal dreams

Way back in my last photo post, ‘The joys of summer‘, canal-lover The Stymaster commented on the surprising greenery of the waterways through West Bromwich. As a belated response, I’ve collated some gorgeous summer greenery from recent rides, often from unexpected places.

The landscape this year has been an ever-changing collage of foliage, flowers, crops and sky; do get out and enjoy it. It’s now harvest time, and a whole new colour palette is emerging.

More posts coming soon…

Ogley Junction, Brownhills - I can still hear the gorse pods popping. 3:50pm,Sunday,11th July 2010.

Goscote: surprisingly verdant. 5:53pm, Sunday, 18th July 2010.

A purple or green-winged orchid (Thanks, Pedro!) - in Brownhills. 5:43pm, Wednesday, 9th June 2010.

Deceptively quiet, shady Minworth. 4:16pm, Saturday, 12th June 2010.

Heartland - West Bromwich, nature reclaiming the industrial. 3:26pm, Saturday, 19th June 2010.

A profusion of yellow water lilies near Walsall. 4:02PM, Sunday, 18th July 2010.

The green haven of a truncated loop, Alvechurch. 4:20pm, Friday, 25th June 2010.

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8 Responses to Canal dreams

  1. CAZ says:

    we do indeed have some beautiful scenery in walsall.many thanks for the pic of the purple or green winged orchid…… l have some of these growing in my garden…no idea how they got there and despite searching all garden books and taking photo’s and showing every green fingered person l know, couldn’t find out what they are. l did remark that close up they look similar to an orchid….very pretty.
    l regularly walk the stretch of canal between Walsall Wood and Brownhills and l’ve see things which seem to be missing on all your pics… [thankfully].l’m talking about broken bottles, beer cans, crisp packets etc etc Just this morning, under the walsall wood bridge l tried to move broken beer bottle glass before some poor dog or wildlife cut there paws on it.l wish people would be a little more thoughtful and dispose of their rubbish properly.sorry for the moan…..the pics are loverly

  2. stymaster says:

    It is rather a shame the rubbish (and dog crap) that gets littered on the towpath between here and Brownhills: the latter especially near Clayhanger bridge. Sadly, there’s selfish, thoughtless people about that do this sort of thing.

    Anyway, back to the scenery: I’ve walked several of those stretches. The bit around West Brom can give some amazing contrasts between industrial and green, and I like both. The water lily photo is the Rushall canal- We walked that way a fortnight ago, and they were quite remarkable.

  3. Les Heath says:

    Ahhhh Ogley Hay, I walked along the cut with my dog Tim many times when I was going to school and living at home in Ogley Road.

  4. Mick_P says:

    Lovely pics Bob, thanks. And a great Google Earth gadget in the exif (even if it is a few hundred yards out). So does your Panasonic have that built-in?

    • Mick_P says:

      … I just looked up your camera, and yes, I see the GPS is built in. Impressive little camera overall in fact. My compliments, Mr B.

  5. Steve says:

    Some cracking pictures Bob. Always look forward to seeing them.

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  7. cokDiack-online says:

    Tres intiresno, gracias

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