Michael Fabricant: away with the fairies?

Many of us in the Northern Wastes who follow events over the border in Staffordshire via sites like the superlative Lichfield Blog, will be well used to the hyperbole, wild statements and attention seeking of the Staffordshire MP Michael Fabricant. It would seem he has surpassed himself. Apparently, should the dam at Chasewater give way ‘scores of lives will be lost’.

Leaking Chasewater dam could have ‘catastrophic consequences’, MP Fabricant claims.

Whilst I have sympathy with his funding concerns, I’m afraid that statement is scaremongering and somewhat reckless. For the straight dope on the Chasewater dam, check out Lichfield Council’s blog about the works.

Edit: As of this morning, Thursday, 21st January 2010, 10:52am, the Chasewater Dam Blog seems happy to propagate the scaremongering. Can we please have some sense here?

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  1. Chasewater – the only victim seems to be the truth « BrownhillsBob's Brownhills Blog  January 22, 2010

    […] My condemnation of Michael Fabricant and his unfeasibly large mouth still stand. Those living near the dam will now find it impossible to get insurance, and many locals now believe we’re a hairs breadth from re-enacting the biblical story of Noah. This has not been helpful, and diplomacy would have been far more effective. I note my condemnation as being ‘a politically motivatrd blogger’ in this political news forum (halfway down the page, post by MeldrewJr. Sorry, if you’re a Mac user like me, you’ll have to use Firefox, Safari won’t work) – cheers, mate. I’m motivated by truth, not fear. […]


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