Dead fish!

It's a stunning, melancholy sight. I've never seen so many dead fish. Picture from Chasewater Wildlife Group's diary entry for 16th January 2010.

Cycling up to Chasewater today, I noticed (as had several other people standing nearby) that a huge quantity of young fish have died in and around the Anglesey Basin. There are certainly many thousands of young, silver-coloured fish dead in the bottom of crystal clear water. I initially assumed it had to be pollution of some kind, but upon checking Chasewater Wildlife Group’s excellent diary, the entry for January 16th contains the above picture, and a brief explanation that these unfortunate fry were victims of the cold. I would point out that they’re almost certainly right, as had there been any question of foul play, CWG wouldn’t hesitate to call it. The group and its site are invaluable and fascinating, especially for stuff like this, and I read the diary every couple of days.

If anyone from CWG is reading this, please change your homepage back; the new one is broken in Safari and it’s much harder to get around. I loved the old ‘busy’ look…

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4 Responses to Dead fish!

  1. Janet Lee says:

    Could you contact me a.s.a.p about the dead fish?
    We would like to use the picture in our paper if possible.
    Many thanks.
    Burntwood Post.

  2. Janet Lee says:

    Please ring me re the dead fish in Chasewater on 01543 501765.
    Burntwood Post

  3. Graham Evans says:

    Hi Bob,
    Thanks for all the positive feedback regarding the website and for your obvious concern and love for our local area. Sorry you’re not too keen on the new version of the web but I’ll try and sort out the Safari problems; I’m still a real novice with this web lark.
    As for the dead fish, we’re being very open minded until we hear the Environment Agency’s verdict but the whole incident is unprecedented in all our experiences so there could have been something fishy going on. I’ve changed the diary entry for the 16th to show our concern. I hear that the Burntwood Post have an article that I haven’t seen but I’m told its full of typical inaccuracies and no, I wasn’t asked about the use of my photo.
    Anyway, keep up the good work.
    Graham Evans

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