Live Yoghurt!

Regular readers will no doubt remember that I ran a special appeal here a few weeks ago for Jack McCreath who wanted to get in touch with former band-mates Gerald Reece and Bernard Howdle – they were in a folk band called The Yoghurt.

I knew at the time of writing that Gerald Reece – who as well as being a folk musician is a noted local historian – was still about as the young David Evans is in touch with him on a regular basis, and pretty soon after I posted I think the lads had connected back up.

Since then, there have been a few enquiries about this remarkably named band, and Gerald, in a whole tranche of material he’s recently send to David, included the following image of the band in action:

The Yoghurt in action, featuring the one and only Sir Gerald of Reece. Image kindly supplied by the man himself.

I have no idea of the date, the location or indeed, who is who so contributions on any of these points are welcome, but I have a feeling Gerald is centre. I’d love to know more about this.

Gerald also included this poster – nice use of facial hair as a branding device.

Great range of facial hair! A poster for The Yoghurt as very kindly supplied by Gerald Reece.

I’m hugely grateful to all those who helped locate The Yoghurt’s missing members, and to all who suggested where they might be found. One of the greatest powers this blog has had over the years has been to reconnect old family and friends and it’s always lovely to have another success. Thanks to all for such great community spirit.

Gerald Reece is of course a talented and superlative local historian, indeed now resident in Devon, who wrote the seminal work ‘Brownhills – A walk into history’ upon which this blog stands.

If you remember The Yoghurt, or can answer my questions about the photo, please do get in touch: You can comment here, mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com or tug my sleeve on social media.

Thanks to Gerald for his generous donations – he is a real gentleman and it’s on his shoulders as the foremost historian of Brownhills that this blog stands.

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3 Responses to Live Yoghurt!

  1. Keith Bradbury. says:

    Gerald is centre although that is not the original line up. The latter included Sid Orgill to whom I sold my banjo ( not my first or last ) in order to buy an engagement ring.

  2. Susan howdle says:

    No idea of the venue looks like upstairs at burntwoob baths line up is left to right jack mccreath, gerald reece and myself bernie, i am now in touch with jack and stll have contact with gerald and proud owner of a featured t shirt and still singing best regards bernie howdle

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