Remember Yoghourt? Looking to contact Gerald Reece and Bernard Howdle please

Hello folks – have a special appeal here to get in touch with Gerald Reece and Bernard Howdle – their old bandmate Jack McCreath is looking to get in touch again and recall the old days.

Gerald Reece is of course the talented and superlative local historian, indeed now resident in Devon, who wrote the seminal work ‘Brownhills – A walk into history’ upon which this blog stands.

Gerald Reece from his book ‘Brownhills a Walk into History’

I know David Evans is in touch with Gerald. I’d also be interested in contacting Gerald as he’s been discussing for a few years the idea of ‘beating the bounds’ of Brownhills and I’d be interested in the route and seeing if we can make this a real thing.

Jack wrote:

Hi Bob, 

Many years ago I was in a Folk Group (The Yoghourt) with two Brownhills Lads, Bernard Howdle(s) and Gerry Reece – I’ve now unfortunately lost touch and haven’t found anyone so far who can help.

 I know Gerry moved to Devon years ago and last time I saw him was in the Library when he was setting up his talk.

Was also trying to contact Barry Yates to see if he could help but didnt manage to find him either.

Be really great if you could help through any of your contacts

Jack (Jock) McCreath

If you can help, please do get in touch: You can comment here, mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com or tug my sleeve on social media.

Thanks to Jack for an interesting enquiry.

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4 Responses to Remember Yoghourt? Looking to contact Gerald Reece and Bernard Howdle please

  1. Glennis Langford says:

    I have been in touch with Barry Yates who sent me the following info .

    Hi Glen, Happy New year to you too, I haven’t seen Jock since I had the shop in Brownhills, he used to work in the Library I think. Gerald passed away years ago, but Bernard Howdle lives in Norton Canes. I am settling in lovely thank you x

    • BrownhillsBob says:

      I believe Gerald is still with us: David said he sent him a Christmas card a couple of weeks ago


  2. Robert Cresswell says:

    Yogurt were the first group to play at Walsall Wood Cricket Club when we started having Folk Evenings.

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