A familiar view to Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler who’ll appreciate this one I think.

You’ll all know that of late, I’ve not been too well and that work has taken up a huge amount of my time – well, my health is now thankfully improving, work is easing off and the sun came out (although the wind was still a bit keen), so yesterday I had a great 58 mile ride via old haunts into South Derbyshire.

It was a ride in decent weather, warm when out of the wind; it was great cycling and although my choice of cake-stop was sadly closed (Rosliston Forestry Centre’s Hub Cafe is on winter hours until April 1st and shuts at 4pm – boo!) the day closed with a terrific sunset.

Spotted in Brownhills: this beautiful little thing had presumably just emerged and was drying it’s wings.

I went to Lichfield, Whittington, Whitemore Haye, Croxall, Walton, Rosliston, Coton in the Elms, Lullington, Clifton Campville, Haunton, Rickercote, Wigginton, Hopwas, Hints, Weeford, Shenstone and home.

The spring is beautiful this year, and the wildflowers profuse. If you can, get out there while the season is still on her throne.

For more of this sort of thing, please check out my 365daysofbiking journal which is remarkably six years old next weekend

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  • I always enjoy your biking journals Bob, please keep them coming.

  • Sheila Norris ( nee Jones)

    Your beautiful butterfly is a Comma, so called because of the white “comma” mark on the underside of its wings. Lucky you to spot it. They are quite uncommon where I live. So far this year I’ve only seen Small Tortoiseshells. Glad you are feeling better and able to enjoy the fine weather.

  • Very glad to hear you’re feeling better now, Bob.

  • Graham

    Bob, this might be a little outside your usual area, but as i see you included Hopwas in your route i’m going to ask.

    I’ve always been intrigued by the canal bridge at Hopwas. One side has a pavement but the other has a section of rivetted iron, originally presumably for protection from cart wheels.

    It has always looked to me as though it was a section cut from an old egg -ended boiler. Do you, or your ever knowledgeable readers, know anything about it?

    • Er, wow.

      No, but that’s a corker.

      I’ll have a look


      • William Taylor

        Glad you’re feeling better Bob, I enjoyed your journey


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