Car wash at the old Middle Oak?

The Royal -or Middle – Oak shortly after closure a couple of years ago.

Just a quick note to say that I’m aware that a car wash seems to be coming into operation at the empty former Royal – or ‘Middle’ – Oak pub on Chester Road, Shire Oak, although I haven’t seen it personally yet.

The former once-popular pub has stood empty after it’s closure and private purchase several years ago.

As far as I’m aware, such an operation would need planning permission, and searches in the week I made didn’t find any, although I welcome clarification or correction on either of the above points – if you know something I don’t, please do comment.

You can search for planning applications here and see if I missed something.

I have contented Walsall Council to investigate the position and await a reply.

In the meantime, if this operation is concerning you, your best course of action is to contact any of the Walsall Wood ward Councillors who cover the area: Peate Sears, Gary Clarke or Anthony Harris whose contact details can be found here.

I’ll update you all as soon as I know anything.

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11 Responses to Car wash at the old Middle Oak?

  1. Anon42 says:

    The middle oak wasnt brought privately- the old owner now runs the Royal Exchange- he was going to buy it however.

    And they also had south staffs water out a few weeks ago to sort something out assuming something to do with the drains

    • That’s incorrect. The chap running the exchange was the tenant, not owner, and the pub was sold privately by the PubCo that did own it. Check the land registry.

      The word at the time was the new owner was going to convert it to a house, but nothing happened.


  2. I have checked again. The pub is currently owned by a resident of Chase Terrace.

    The title register contains an interesting covenant, actually; there’s a narrow strip of land marked from the front of the car park to the beer garden gates, at the side of the pub.

    1 (01.12.2000) A Conveyance of the land tinted pink on the filed plan
    dated 23 February 1953 made between (1) The Lichfield Brewery Company
    Limited (Vendors) and (2) Jacob Holyman (Purchaser) contains the
    following covenants:-
    “THE Purchaser for himself and his successors in title hereby covenants
    with the Vendors and their successors and assigns that he the Purchaser
    (a) Will not hereafter make any claim in respect of any subsidence
    damage or injury which may have at any time heretofore arisen or which
    may hereafter occur to the property hereby conveyed or any part thereof
    as a result of any excavation already made on the adjoining property of
    the Vendors and (b) Will not hereafter use the property hereby conveyed
    or any part thereof or any buildings erected thereon as a Club or
    licensed premises at which intoxicating liquors shall be manufactured
    or sold supplied or consumed either on or off the premises or use the
    same for any offensive trade or business to the annoyance or detriment
    of the adjoining property of the Vendors”

    An odd one, that

    • Lynn roberts says:

      Hi Bob
      We are neighbours to Royal Oak Pub and have received an application for planning permission from the owners of the pub to have a car wash and car valeting facility
      We have 21 days frim 04 August 2017 to object
      Any advice would be extremely helpful

      • Do as the letter advises, put you objections in writing. Base your objections on valid technical points (noise nuisance congestion etc) not emotional ones (We’ve bought a house here because it was peace/We work hard/there goes the neighbourhood etc.).

        Do not get up a petition. Petitions are treated as one objection under planning. Petitions are useless, as are identikit form letters.

        Get everyone to express their views in writing, and submit as the letter advises. This is what the process is for. Follow it.

        Best wishes

      • See this excellent advice here.

        Note well the passage

        ‘Your objection will have more effect if a number of people write in to object, but do not be tempted to organise a petition; it will not carry any weight and is a waste of time. Also avoid using a ‘standard’ letter. Objectors should use their own words and write, type or word process their letters themselves. Objections will not carry the same weight if they are seen to have been written or produced in a standardised form.’

        Of course, other readers may wish to write in support, same rules apply.


  3. Lindsey says:

    So who currently owns the property? I’m confused as to what they intend to do with the place.

    • A private individual resident in Chase Terrace. Who exactly is not important.

      What they plan to do with it long term is their affair.

      Providing any future use complies with planning, and the building does not pose a danger or is causing a nuisance, authorities cannot intervene.

      I would say it was clearly purchased as an investment property.

      My issue with a car wash is purely that it doesn’t seem to have been through planning, which I understand it should.

      But I could be wrong


  4. Pub talk says:

    The new owner wants to convert it to a old people’s home but planning permission has be denied twice .

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