Brownhills riding stables in appeal for rugs and kit – cash waiting. Can you help?


Stevie Ansell’s riding stables do a huge amount of good work. Can we help catch the people that raided it? Image from the stables Facebook page.

Freind of the blog and operator of local riding stable Stevie Ansell has been in touch with a request – she’s got cash waiting for spare horse rugs and grooming kit that you may wish to sell or donate to the stables, which as regular readers know does so much for local kids and charities.

Stevie wrote:

Urgently need outdoor rugs…

Ours is a non profit organisation but still doesn’t stop the lowest of the low stooping lower than snakes belly level and taking hat is not there to be taken…

Need Shetland to Cob size as soon as possible.

Cash waiting or can pay by bank transfer.

Also as an afterthought…

We are also really short of grooming kit etc. as the kids leave around yard to survive the elements and hoof stamp!

Cash awaiting for any spare kit you guys may have sitting wasted in a corner…

All for a good cause.. Will make many a S.A.R.C Thelwell pony and Riding Centre St, Trinian kid happy!

Tel :- 07950-314091 “Stevie” 😀

Many Thanks in advance 😍
Or message on Facebook.

Stevie Ansell

Stevie and the stables do a huge amount of great work, and keeping the operation going is a huge undertaking. The place has survived despite being sadly raided by thieves and vandals on a number of occasions.

It’s great to see kids involved with horses and the outdoors and anything readers can do too help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers.


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