Wolves at the door

The old Barrel Inn, Victoria Street c 1876

The old Barrel Inn, Victoria Street c 1876

I’m having the IT builders in this weekend, so posts are a bit scattergun as I move things, fix them up and reinstall them, so please bear with me – but helpfully, the blog regulars in the form of the young David Evans, Pedro Cutler, Andy Dennis and dear old Reg Fullelove have supplied lots of material to tide us through.

In the first of two posts of donated Aer Reg material today, the inimitable Mr. Fullelove kindly shared these mid-70s Wolverhampton historical postcards with David Evans, who scanned them and sent them in.

David said:

Hi Bob

These postcards were generously shared by Reg Fullelove for readers of the blog to enjoy.

They were produced in 1975 for the year of architecture by Wolverhampton Art Gallery and sponsored by Tarmac Construction.

Sincere thanks to Reg for the time and generosity!

Best wishes

Whilst Wolverhampton is on the extremities of the area, I know may of you know and love Wolves (particularly Mr. Cutler as it’s his adopted home!) and there are some wonderful images here.

Whilst my views on architectural progress are controversial and fairly well known here, I’ve always felt that Wolverhampton, in common with Coventry, suffered particularly harshly in the urban clearances of the postwar era – some remarkable architecture was lost.

Thanks to Reg and David for a wonderful donation, and if you have anything to add, please do. Comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Thanks.

All images kindly supplied by Reg Fullelove, from postcards published in 1975 by Wolverhampton Art Gallery.

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  1. Pedro says:

    Thanks to Reg for a wonderful set of pictures.

    Bob has said this before but I do hope that if anyone lifts the pictures from the site they give due credit to our Reg. I have seen some Blogs lately that take pictures from the Newspaper Archives an print their site address across the pictures as if they own them!

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