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A cuddle puddle of Canada Goose goslings yesterday on the canal in central Birmingham near Bordesley.

Here’s a quick ride cam for the people out there who enjoy them, as I haven’t done one for a while – and I’m aware there’s a lot of interest in off-road cycle routes in the area, too, so I thought I’d share this one.

Yesterday, I escaped from work and rode from Brownhills to Birmingham on one of my favourite local routes.

This is the first half of a ride from just outside Sutton Coldfield town centre to Central Birmingham – mostly on off-road cycleway. This route – National Cycle Network route 534 – runs along the Plants Brook and Newhall Valley, down through Wylde Green and Pipe Hayes Park to the canal at Tyburn.

This is a fantastic route – not fast, but beautifully peaceful and scenic along a lovely waterway. Not enough people know that this well-surfaced and signed route exists. It’s one of my favourites.

The video is speeded up about 2.8x and is continuous; the whole journey takes about 15 minutes. The run is great for families and is good for building up cycle skills with little ones – pedestrians, dogs, anti-vehicle barriers and crossings all feature.

Soundtrack is the orchestral version of ‘Your Eyes’ from Peter gabriel’s underrate ‘new Blood’ album. Lovely.

I’ll post up the rest of the journey later.

As always, more stuff like this as ever, on my 365daysofbiking journal.

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7 Responses to Valley views

  1. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    excellent.Loved it!… have passed the word to the antipodes.

  2. trevor says:

    Thanks Bob just great really enjoyed the ride, I think you should have warned us of the brick wall near the start, good job I was on the loo,

  3. Marion Jones says:

    A big thank you for this post Brownhills Bob. Just what was needed for a peaceful Sunday tootle on the ebike. Parked the car at New Hall Valley Country Park (not up to your mileage even on the ebike) and followed your route to Spaghetti Junction taking in a ride round Plants Brook on the way. 14 miles in all and most enjoyable.

  4. peter says:

    Thanks Bob, it brought back great memories as I used to got to what was then Riland Bedford High School, we had a Welsh PE master who would take great delight, especially in the cold and wet, making us run from the school down to the Railway Bridge a little further along from where you turned off onto the trail, and along the brook up to Bishop Walsh / John Wilmott school and back again, I have to say the path wasn’t anything like it is now and from memory I think one or two of us stragglers at the back were thrown in the “cut” by said PE master as punishment……… oh the good old days, can you imagine that now?
    Now for a lie down…… keep up the good work.

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