Car accident in Short Street, Brownhills yesterday

I have no further info on this, and welcome anything available. I noticed the following in the twitter stream of @BloxwichFire, the account of Bloxwich Fire Service yesterday evening.

[Edit 8:45am 11th September: There’s now an article at the Express & Star. In their good old-fashioned style they state the incident occurred in Bloxwich.]

[Edit 9:25am 11th September: PC Simon Bytheway of Brownhills Neighbourhood Policing Team contacted me to say the following…

‘A member of the public who helped push the car back on to 4 wheels punched the windows out in a desperate attempt to get to the driver. He caused himself some nasty cuts to his hands. I arrived at the scene within a short space of time after a Paramedic Responder and found that the individuals who helped had left the scene.

‘If in future we could ask that people remain so that we can gather more information as to what happened or caused the accident, then we would be grateful.

‘Also well done to the gents who did help, however please be mindful that to move the car in this way when the patient had not been assessed for any spinal injury could have severe consequences.

‘Therefore, please await the arrival of of medical professionals before attempting anything like this in future.’

Thanks to PC Bytheway for his help, as ever. – Bob]

It seems an ‘Elderly Gent’ rolled his car in Short Street, Brownhills yesterday afternoon, and a valiant passerby came to the rescue and righted it. Although the Fire Service advise against this, I’m with them in praising the actions of this member of the public. It takes courage to act in such circumstances and a hat tip for doing so. Well done.

The driver was cut free by the Fire Service, who made no comment on how the incident occurred.

It’s not clear if the driver was injured, or if the car was carrying anyone else. Obviously, my sympathies to the gentleman concerned and I wish him a speedy recovery.

@BloxwichFire posted this picture at 8:16pm yesterday evening:


Ouch. Image of rolled car in Short Street, Brownhills posted by @BloxwichFire.

They tweeted the following:

If you have any more information, comment here or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

Comment is of course welcome, but I would ask that you please respect the identity of the driver and consider the sensitivity of the matter. Cheers.

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