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Here’s a quick one. Reader and local history researcher Clive Roberts dropped me this email a week or so ago in relation to questions about Irondish/Iron Dish, between Walsall Wood and Shelfield. Readers will remember that this courtyard of houses – that possibly contained an alehouse – stood about where the car sales lot is today, just on the Shelfield side of Jockey Meadows.

Clive has been to the excellent Walsall Local History Centre, and had the following to say:

Hi Bob

With regards to the Iron Dish, in the attachment theres a map of it, dated 1763. This lovely map is archived at Walsall Local History Centre

If anyone would like to view it, I would recommend they phone first, as this map is big and they may require notice to prepare it for you. The map is ‘The Countess Dowage of Mountrath, covering Walsall and land to the east up to Shire Oak’.

Regards to all.


My thanks to Clive for a wonderful thing; Irondish is clearly a very old settlement indeed. I think it’s important we should, in some way, try and preserve the name.


Note Iron Dish over to the left, Walsall Wood to the right. The modern day Hall Lane is the red diagonal line to the top right. Please click for a larger version.

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2 Responses to Get some Iron

  1. Pedro says:

    Thanks to Clive and Bob, another great contribution to the local history!

    Found the Abstract of the will of the Countess 1766…

    ‘My Lady Mountrath is dead, and has made as drunken a will as you could expect.’ Horace Walpole to Lord Holland cited in G.E.C. vol IX, p. 361.

  2. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    many thanks to Clive, please. I think the Creswell, bottom right of the map, was Sunnyside/ the Vigo settlement and 37 may be the Red Lion Inn, on the High Street…
    kind regards

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