The Producers: Brownhills finest starts tonight!

If you fancy a good night out, why not give The Brownhills Musical Theatre Company a punt? This much-praised group stage beautifully produced, hugely entertaining, award-winning shows. This one looks set to be a real hoot.



1st – 5th May 2012

Brownhills Musical Theatre Company is proud to present the one of the funniest shows ever to be staged on Broadway!

Adapted from the 1968 Mel Brooks film, The Producers tells of Max Bialystock, a struggling Broadway impresario who discovers he can make more money from a flop than a hit. With the help of timid accountant Leo Bloom, Bialystock sets about staging the worst play he can find.

Eventually he stumbles upon Springtime for Hitler, “a gay romp with Adolf and Eva at Berchtesgaden” written by Nazi sympathiser Franz Leibkind.

The pair then hire the worst director in Manhattan: a gay fop named Roger DeBris, who never goes anywhere without his fey partner Carmen Ghia. All that’s left is to raise the money, which Max does by seducing an army of randy old ladies.

With hoofing geriatrics, Nazi arm-band wearing pigeons and a Busby Berkeley pageant featuring goose-stepping stormtroopers, there is something in The Producers guaranteed to offend just about anybody without a funny bone and bring nothing but child-like glee to everyone else!

Such is the level of sustained hilarity and mock outrage you will be laughing long after you have left the theatre!

The Producers is an absolute must see!

BMTC currently have a deal for all tickets booked online – go to and enter BMTC10 when checking out – this will adjust tickets to £10 each – regardless of performance.

BMTC are always looking forward to welcoming new members, if you’d like to join this award winning theatre group and then call Jamie Norgrove on 07850 329462 for details.

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