Please take care when pulling out, eh?

Thought I’d share this one – not as dangerous as it looks, but an act of remarkable stupidity. The Station Street/Walsall Road Junction, on the Darlaston/Pleck Border at James Bridge, 5:45pm, Tuesday 10th January 2011. I had suspected the driver was about to do this as he wouldn’t make eye contact. Howeveer, having dithered and then cut me up, I wasn’t about to let him off the hook. Please, please, please can you pay attention when pulling out? Very often cyclists are going faster than you think.

I have a good front light and was wearing hi-viz before anyone asks.

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  1. Unacceptable driving, but sometimes cyclists don’t do themselves any favours. Such as the one I saw the other day, riding at high speed the wrong way down a one way street, on the footpath, in the dark, wearing black clothes and no helmet, with no lights. He wondered why the car pulled out of a drive into his path, causing him to brake, swerve and fall off.

  2. Oh dear, Seargent. Where to start?

    I’m no more responsible for poor examples of cycling than you are for your officers driving lousily (several examples of which have been shown here and elsewhere in the local online community). Indeed, were I to se a cyclist doing that, I’d remonstrate with them.

    If you’d like to explain how I might not be ‘helping myself’ here, I’d love to hear it.

    I’ve featured examples of crap cycling here too, on several occasions.

    Frankly, I expect a bit better than a whinge about the lumpen mass of other cyclists from the local police. I don’t make sweeping generalisations about drivers, or indeed, coppers, and expect you not to, either.

    I’m unaware that a helmet is a legal requirement. Perhaps you could point me at the relevant law, there.

    Considering a few of your colleagues are cyclists I’m a bit surprised by this, although judging by the lousy cycling example set by some of the PCSO’s perhaps not.

    Mind how you go.


  3. You misunderstand me Bob – I too am a cyclist. I was merely quoting an experience I had watching the almost suicidal behaviour of one particular person. I wasn’t generalising.

    • Um, yes. OK.

      I will highlight bad road use wherever I get a decent recording of it, because it’s now becoming so endemic from all sections that it needs pointing out.

      Pedestrians on bikes are a menace. Yes, I agree. But I get a tad fed up with being expected to explain away the crap road use of other cyclists with whom my only connection is my chosen mode of transport.

      If only people noticed good cycling. Sadly, I’ve got quite a few recordings, like this one, where they don’t, but I bet that driver will be slagging off the pavement cyclist with the rest of ’em.

      There are good and bad road users – full stop. A wanker is a wanker if he’s walking, on a bike or driving a dustcart.

      Generalisations are a bugger.


  4. Grande Pablo says:

    Drivers leaving that junction tend to run the gauntlet – I think the angle of the junction to the main road plus inexperienced/tired/lazy drivers make judging the speed of oncoming traffic difficult.

    I’ve got a Nissan Qasquai, light in colour with lights to rival a lighthouse but still get pulled out on there too frequently.

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