Two great local history books available again

I noticed this week, purely by chance, that two great lost works of local history are at long last available again. Popping into Downes Newsagent midweek, I noticed these two fantastic books for sale. I’ve feature both publications heavily here on the blog in the past, and have always said, that should you come across a copy, to bag it. They have both been almost impossible to obtain since publication, and I implore you all to buy a copy as soon as possible. They’re on sale for exactly the same price they were originally, which is a boon. I bought a copy of each to replace my worn ones.

Clarice, Bill and John I know to be fine people who’ve done a great work to record the local history of our area, and I thank them for doing so. I’m not sure if any of their other books are due to come out again, so if anyone knows, please drop me a line and I’ll publicise it here on the blog.

A great work - available now from Downes Newsagents, High Street, Brownhills for the great price of £4.99.

Also available right now from Downes for the pocket-freindly price of £6.50.

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13 Responses to Two great local history books available again

  1. CAZ says:

    I’ve got a copy of the first book, and it’s well worth buying.I look forward to getting a copy of the other one, if not sold out by the time I get there.
    I think these books show how important it is for us all to take photo’s of our area as it is now, so that in years to come future generations get to enjoy them.

  2. Tina says:

    Starlight Photographic (formerly E E Jones) in High Street, Brownhills also have the books.

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  8. kathy bull [nee cooper] says:

    i have both books on brownhills i got them when we were visiting family as we live in cornwall i found them very interesting and have read them no end of times i just wish ther were any pics of were i was born st james square and any stories about it ,i have spoken to bill and he unfortunatly doesnt have any photos if anyone did i would be very gratefull ,i grew up in the avenues my name was kathleen cooper now [bull] my sister is sue kelly now hermson thank you .

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  10. chris poole says:

    I know the green book was re-printed and on sale at the newsagents on shire oak hill, I don’t think my dad has anymore plans yet to do another book, although i do keep on to him to do one.

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