Brownhills and surrounds, in 1920

1920 1:50,00 new popular edition map of Brownhills, Walsall and Lichfield. Click on image to view. I recommned downloading it.

I thought I’d post a treat for the mapping geeks amongst us (me included) with this 1920 New Popular Edition segment. This is the cartography – all hand drafted – that gave birth to our excellent ‘Landranger’ series. One to study closely.


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  1. stymaster says:

    Nice. I’ve noticed that Northgate is absent, as is Westgate, and Dumblederry Lane is still complete, as are the railway lines through Browhills, Walsall Wood, and Shelfield. The A452 Chester Road still takes it’s original route through Stonall, rather than bypassing. A bit of the Cannock Extension Canal north of the A5 is there as well.

  2. D.Evans says:

    The “hospital”in Barracks Lane was a corrugated tin single storey building .In the grounds there was a horse-drawn baker’s van which was used as a chicken coop .After the “hospital” had closed down three kindly ladies lived there who grew delicious tomatoes ..the best tasting I have ever enjoyed. I think the building was a TB sanatorium originally.
    With regards D. Evans

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  4. D.Evans says:

    The map seems to pre-date both the South Staffs Waterworks pumping station in Cartersfield Lane, Stonnall, and Aldridge aerodrome, in Bosty Lane. Did Amy Johnson “fly-in” to open this aerodrome during the 1930s?
    with regards D. Evans

  5. D.Evans says:

    just under the words Daw End are the Linely Woods, in Aldridge/Rushall whose flooded caverns have recently been explored. Google videos..”Linley Caverns” to see some exhilerating footage . Kind regards D. Evans

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