Historic Books online (via Tamworth Time Hikes)

Great to see that Mark at Tamworth Time Hikes has returned to regular blogging after a brief hiatus. For those who don’t know the site – and there can’t be many locals now who don’t – this is a fascinating work of landscape history, archeology and beautifully mad presentation.

This post is an invaluable guide to some of the excellent historical books available in PDF and e-book form on the web, from free repositories like Google Books. These works are fascinating, and will captivate those interested in the history of our area.

Mark, it’s great to have you back!

Historic Books online This post is the first in  taking on the challenge I put out on a previous post, about putting resources out there and info in aiding the exploration of a given landscape and material for different ways of interacting with that landscape. In this post it´s historic books found online and free. This post will be under construction all this week finding the time to add the online book links on the Tamworth Timehikes area to the list, correcting typ … Read More

via Tamworth Time Hikes

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  2. lorenzor says:

    Thanks, it´s good to be back! You´ve made me blush! I´ll be adding a few more ebooks to the post this week. You´ve got a real collaborative local history detective work going on with the air raid posts, great stuff! I´m jealous 😉

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