Walsall Wood Station, shortly before demolition

Spotted in the photostream of Littleredglass, captioned 'Derelict, taken mid-late seventies by my dad.'

I spotted the above picture whilst rooting for scrapyard images on Flickr. The picture has been lifted from the beautiful and fascinating stream of local photographer littleredglass. I would imagine this was shortly before demolition, as far as I can recall, the station, closed in the thirties to passengers, was gone by 1978.

The reason this popped up is because there was, by several accounts (including one by [Howmuch?] who’s always bang on with that stuff), a scrapyard near to the old station on Coppice Road during the 50’s and 60’s, possibly called Heaths. I can’t find any pictures or recollections of it. As an incidental aside, I also looked for evidence of the war-scrap operation Ralph Ferrie had up by the Fox Covey on the Walsall Wood/Aldridge border, but could find no record of that either. I spent time up at the Covey, like many local young lads, rooting for bullets, often with quite marked success.

Anyone got anything on either of those at all?

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9 Responses to Walsall Wood Station, shortly before demolition

  1. stymaster says:

    I’ve found that photo before, and there’s some great shots in that stream- some nice shots of the remains of Shannon’s mill.

    Presumably the scrapyard was where the flats are now, previously Ken Hodges’ builders merchants, or at least behind it.

    I’m sure I’ve read online that the station buildings were used for storage by a scrapyard, but that was a couple of years ago, and I can’t find it now. Hodges was certainly nearby in the early 70s: my auntie’s car spent several weeks there after a terminal breakdown in the early-to-mid 70s.

  2. Nick says:

    Wow…could barely tear myself away from that link..! Thats a great site full of very interesting information and pictures. Thanks..

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  4. Howmuch says:

    Hello Bob & readers of the blog.
    with ref to the scrap yard it was where the shot was taken of the old building and along side of it, going forward from the camera. the chap who used the site was named mr Heath, and he had a son named Stuart, and a older daughter, mr Heath lived in a caravan up on the bank, around about behind the old chapel. I can remember a group of lads in the building on the photo, had formed a pop group, and were playing Telstar.( that would be early 1960s )
    when the railway track flooded mr Heath would cut the roof of some cars and we would turn them over and use them as boats, and coal shovels as paddles.
    cheers Howmuch

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  7. Stuart heath says:

    Regarding the scrap yard in walsall wood.the caravan was in the garding of 44 coppice rd..owned by mrs gill…the building in the pictures was never used dy the scrap yard..g.f.southgate was the occupier the band was called the appel Jack’s there was also a timber yard…called stashon yard timber sails….. I dont rememberaney won named bob useing car roofs as boaters mr heath never cut them of cars…. I now all this to be true…AS my name is stuart heath it was me that vut roofs of for my self and john stone…..s…

    • BrownhillsBob says:

      Before my time old chap. The memory is from Howmuch who’s a Walsall Wood lad. It does sound like you were contemporaries, though.


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