A new gaffer for The Shire Oak – in 1900

From a contributor who asked to remain anonymous, I have this wee snippet from The Walsall Observer, which is  described as ‘…from 1900’. It seems managerial changes at the local pubs were as newsworthy eleven decades ago as they are now.

Speculating about the wonderful research by Roger Jones to my last post about this old Inn and it’s associated brewery, I’ve been wondering why there don’t seem to be any pictures of the brewhouse in question. With a large chimney and producing ales for a number of houses, it must have been quite a concern. I wonder why there’s not more to be found in the historical record.

Thanks for the contribution, please do comment or mail me if you can add any more to this jigsaw.

From 'The Walsall Observer' some time in 1900.

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  1. Roger Jones says:

    Sure enough, Joseph Southall, his wife Emily, daughter and five sons are all living at the Shire Oak Inn on the 1901 census. Aged 44, his occupation is licensed victualler. He is a local man, born in Walsall Wood, his wife in Shire Oak.

    The same 1901 census has G H Boulter living at The Limes, Aldridge age 34 with his wife Ghertrude. This may have been a house in Walsall Wood or Stubbers Green Road; census not very helpful in this respect.

    In 1901 his parents Thomas and Ann Boulter were living at Whitlenge House, Hartlebury, Worcs; Thomas listed as a farmer & brewer. Berrows Worcester Journal has dozens of entries for him to do with farming. He sat on various agricultural committees and was the proud owner of a Fowler double tackle steam plough which he hired out. The Fox Inn, mentioned in a previous post was only a short distance from his farm. In 1894 he failed to get elected to Hartlebury Parish Council.

    • Anita Tavener. Née Chevalier says:

      Hi, I am GH Boulter grand daughter, my mother has recently died and I have found some interesting information dating back to Shire Oak and the brewery

      • Clive says:

        Hello Anita. I have been intrested in The Shire Oak Brewery:Thomas and Ann Boulter also there son George, please share your information with the reader of the blog. I still pop up to the Shire Oak pub and have noticed they are building houses on the grounds of the old brewery now.
        Best wishes Clive

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  3. Roger Jones says:

    George Harold Boulter married Gertrude Hole, daughter of a wine merchant in Minehead in 1897.
    Later in 1930, George took over as publican running the Holt Fleet Inn on the river Severn. By the mid ’30s he had retired to Jersey where he died in a nursing home in 1938. A mention of his will appears below (he left £400) …..

    D/Y/A/102 January 1938 – June 1938 D/Y/A/102/68 Testament of George Harold Boulter, Yellow Sands, St Brelade’s Bay. Dated 26 June 1936. If Johanne Rosemary Boulter does not appoint a trustee, his trustees to hold a 1/4 share of the residue of his estate for the Royal Farmers Benevolent Association, the Jersey Dispensary & Infirmary, Walsall General Hospital, Staffordshire, Hammerwich Cottage Hospital, Withfield and the Little Sisters of the Poor. Codicil added: 5 November 1937. Revokes legacy to the Jersey Dispensary & Infirmary, Walsall General Hospital, Hammerwich Cottage Hospital and the Little Sisters of the Poor. 30/03/1938 – 30/03/1938

    • Hi Roger

      I continue to be humbled by your wonderful contributions to this site. From something I was barely aware of a week ago, you have brought the matter to life through your careful, thorough and clearly time-consuming research.

      I’m in awe, fascinated and hugely grateful. Contributors like yourself make this blog such great fun to do.



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