Remember, kids, we’re all in this together…

…But some of us are more in it than others. If you’re a Walsall pensioner who’s just lost your meals on wheels service, or a worried Walsall Librarian, remember that the council leader is concerned for you at this difficult time.

Council leaders patting themselves on the back and comparing hardship anecdotes over a glass or four of wine, including Walsall's very undervalued Blofeld Bird. From 'Conservative Home' puff piece, published Monday, 17th January 2011. Click image to see original post at Conservative Home.

The above picture was published in a post on the Conservative Home Blog, crowing about a meeting at Downing Street for Tory council leaders. Thanks to Sandwell Labour Councillor Bob Piper for the headsup on twatter.

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5 Responses to Remember, kids, we’re all in this together…

  1. Nice one, Bob, you beat me to it and nice one Bob Piper for undergoing the trauma of viewing Conservative Home on our behalf.

    There are a number of questions that our local opposition councillors and, indeed, his constituents might like to ask:

    Will he be claiming travel expenses for his jolly to the smoke to support the destruction of the towns he represents?

    If he stayed over, did he pay his own hotel bill?

    Who paid for Cameron`s wine and the vol-au-vents scoffed by Eric Pickles?

    If the answer to these questions is number 10, then the tax payer foots the bill. If it is Conservative Central Office, then the corporate donors, sharks and tax avoiders protected and enriched by the Conservatives will think it money well spent. If it was Walsall MBC then he had better declare it. If it came from his own pocket, then Bird needs to reconsider his priorities.

    Assuming that it is not a glass of Ribena in the hand of our esteemed leader, the great man presumably did not drive home to the promised land of Walsall after the event at number 10. Walsall cabinet have a history of being incapable behind the wheel and of being incapable in the council chamber.

    He will doubtless claim that he was “flying the flag” for Walsall. He will deny, though, that as far as he is concerned, the flag is white.

  2. Heh, thanks Hippo, not often I’m quicker on the draw than you.

    I concur fully with your questions, and anyone wondering why our leader has made no attempt whatsoever to fight for Walsall during the cuts farrago need wonder no more – it seems he’s far too busy schmoozing with Downing Street to criticise it.

    You don’t think this has anything to do with his aspirations to MPdom, do you?

    As far as I’m concerned, it just reinforces the fact that the hard-times hand-wringing was nought more than showmanship for an electorate clearly perceived to be stupid.

    I note it takes a Sandwell councillor to point this out. Should we wake the Labour member or leave his slumbers untroubled?

    Best wishes


  3. martin says:

    So this was at Downing Street, the residence of the Prime Minister?
    How is he allowed to host a party event in government/public property?
    Does the Conservative Party rent the room for the night?
    If so, who gets the money and, crucially, do they have an income target for room hire?
    I think we should be told!

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