The Grove Pit Disaster Mining Memorial, Brownhills Cemetery

Ten of the men who died are buried in Brownhills Cemetary, between the Church and Great Charles Street. Click for a larger image.

I’ve had an enquiry from Janet Whittaker, granddaughter of John Whittaker, who died in the Grove Pit Disaster in 1930. Janet had this to say:

I came accross your website whilst looking for a site for Walsall Wood Cemertary as my Grandad John Whittaker was killed in the Grove Pit. We are coming up to attend the 80th anniversary of the disaster but we do not know where his grave is, although we belive it is in Walsall Wood Cemertary. Myself and my 3 brothers are the only direct descendants of John Whittaker and welcome this opportunity to pay our respects. The footage was a great find. My father settled in Oxfordshire in the 1950′s and we do not have any living close relatives.

I made a bit of a ham fisted response, but have since learned that not all the victims were interred in Brownhills. If anyone can help and get a picture for Janet, that would be great.

As Janet says, it’s the 80th anniversary of this sad event soon, and I’ll be covering it here on the blog. In the meatime, here’s some shots of the memorial in Brownhills cemetery. Click on the images for larger versions.

I thank Janet for her enquiry and would like to take this opportunity to thank her for her contribution.

The memorial can be seen to the north of the cemetery, just below the ‘Great Charles Street’ legend.

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8 Responses to The Grove Pit Disaster Mining Memorial, Brownhills Cemetery

  1. Mick_P says:

    Of course, 1 October 2010 will in fact be the 80th anniversary of this terrible accident.

    The excellent Gary Crutchley’s photo shows the main memorial, here:

  2. Mick_P says:

    Sorry all, I don’t know why I left that link, the photos here are perfect. Gary Crutchley’s Flickr stream is still worth visiting, however.

    • No, you’re quite right, Gary’s photo is much better than mine, which was was taken in a hurry on a very dark day.

      Thanks for flagging up my error. I’ve had to bang out this post in a hurry, and didn’t stop to engage my brain or do too much fact-checking.

      It is, of course, the 80th anniversary. I have duly corrected the post.



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  7. Andrew scoffham says:

    John Scoffham was my Great Grandfather. Will be visiting on the 100th anniversary.

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