Redefining ‘pointless’…


Holland Park main gates. Nice turnstile, but why? Not sure about the pants, but they've been there a while...

This one has me mystified. I quite often cycle though Holland Park, in fact National Cycle Route 5 runs up the black Path beside it. For some time I have been aware of this turnstile, but I’ve never had to use it  because the main gates are always swinging open. I’m unclear about how anyone with a pushchair or wheelchair would get through such a restrictive barrier, surely making it contrary to the disability regulations. Since there  are a multitude of other entrances to the park, one can only assume this gate, like lot of other local doses of anti-vehicle protection, is an ill thought out exercise in box-ticking. Such structures don’t come cheaply and I can’t see what this offers over those used on Clayhanger Common, which would be cheaper and more pushchair friendly.

As to the pants, it’s Brownhills, innt? I wonder if their owner has missed them yet?

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  1. Bev says:

    I thought things like that were there so on things like carnival days (do we still get those these days?), they can close the big gate and charge us all over-inflated sums of money to get through into a place where we can – oh yeah – spends vast sums of money on the over-inflated prices of the stalls and fair.

    Cynical, me? Nah. :p

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