At the end of the line

The last years of the old Walsall Wood station, taken in 1972 by Michael Mensing.

An interesting and memory- jogging image came to me last week via local football dynamo Brian Beard, who spotted the original photo for sale on everyone’s favourite tat bazaar, eBay.

This is a photo of the near-derelict Walsall Wood Railway station in its days after the line was lifted, when it was home to a plant hire company in 1972. Previously, it was the site of of a scrap metal dealer and car breaker. Many locals remember playing in the scrapyard here as kids with fondness.

The station closed to passengers in the 1930s, and the line closed to coal traffic in the early 60s.

The sign says ‘G.F. Southgate, Contractors Plant – Sales – Repair – Hire ‘ – note the scrap bulldozer behind.

The image is being sold by eBay member ‘doublechimny’ (sic) and they had this to say about it:

This photograph was part of the personal collection of the late Michael Mensing a prolific photographer from the 1950s to a few years ago, Many of his photos were published in the Ian Allan ABCs , Railway Magazines and annuals in the 50s, 60, 70s & 80s.

You can see the original sale post here on eBay (which has now ended).

Thanks to Brian for a wonderful find. If you have any information or memories about the old station, please do get in touch: Comment here, mail me on BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com or twang me on social media.



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2 Responses to At the end of the line

  1. Clive says:

    Back in the 1960s I used to play around there, a Mr. Heath used the site as a scrap yard of sorts. Also I can remember a group of teddy boys using the building in the photo as a place to rehearse there music skills, the one tune that I can remember was Telstar, I was late getting home, got a right telling off, also spent many an hour with my mates catching frogs and newts in the newt pond which was along the railway track in the back ground of photo.

    • Colin Corbett says:

      Hi Bob – Colin Corbett Here – Walsall wood Railway station in the mid sixties was being used by Gerry Southgate ( Heavy Plant Hire ) . Gerry was manger for The ‘Telstars ‘ group I recently Blogged – ( I was the Drummer ) .We used to Practice in the building once a week – this went on for about 2 years. IAN ‘Sludge ‘ LEES our singer at this time was employed by Gerry Southgate as a driver – that’s how he came to manage us.We were always told the Station was haunted – it was eiree late at night and there was a rumour that someone had hanged themselves from the bridge!
      have had the last three months due to illness , time to search your blog and found lots of family connections from Clayhanger & Brownhills – Will put together and send you what I have found.

      Bill Shaw – John ( Jack ) Tabberer – Stanley Jillings – all family related – all in recent blogs.
      be in touch Colin

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