A team line up and a pig roast: What do you know?

Brian Clenton contacted me again just before Christmas and asked if I could round these two photos again, as he’s still looking for names and information about the people in them – and they’re wonderful images, so it’s a pleasure.

Brian is of course a member of the noted local family of butchers who for a long time had a shop on Lindon Road near Anchor Bridge that many older local readers will recall – if you can’t this post here will jog your memory.

These two images were part of a larger set Brian sent in earlier here which are well worth a look.

Always happy to help readers with this sort of thing, so if you can help, please do… comment on this post, or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.


Ogley Hay Juniors Football Team 1957. Image kindly supplied by Brian Clenton.

Brian said:

Ogley Hay with Mr Horton on the left , Headmaster and IT Thomas on the right. Brian Clenton next to Mr Thomas, Keith Law bottom left, Melvin Harris bottom right, Top Left I think was Bernard Grantham with John Bevan next to him, struggling to remember the other names
clayhanger chapel bbq

Pig Roast at Clayhanger, possibly the Chapel barbecue. Dennis Clenton, the butcher from Lindon Road, Brownhills in centre. Image kindly supplied by Brian Clenton.

Brian siad:

R D Clenton at Clayhanger around 1959

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7 Responses to A team line up and a pig roast: What do you know?

  1. Clive says:

    Can’t help with the photos, but I can remember going to the Clenton butchers shop. I also remember Dave Clenton’s Custom Kawasaki shop in Hendesford.

  2. Clive says:

    that should be Hednesford. the keys on this keyboard keep moving around!!

  3. Roy Smith says:

    Chubby Davis holding the shield,and Melvin Cottrell next to you Brian.remember a few visits home with you,Brian in our school days.also remember Robert Hale in the clayhanger group.

  4. Stan Shingler says:

    Sorry can’t help with the photo either,
    but do remember the Clenton family, in fact I delivered newspapers to the
    shop down the Anchor for Tomlinsons, around 1958/60.
    Also played football for the junior school up till 1956 when I went to the grammar school in Litchfield and became a ‘grammar grub’.
    I now live in Helsinki,Finland

  5. Jill Morgan says:

    With reference to the Clayhanger pig roast photograph.
    My sister and I are two of the children and my Auntie Dot is an adult with a tray.
    My sister, then Josephine Cooper, is the second person in from the back row from the left. I am the little girl with blonde hair standing in front of her. ( She has her hands on my shoulder). My name then was Jill Cooper.
    My Auntie, Dorothy Smith, is the fourth lady in from the right. She is holding a tray, has an apron on and is standing next to a little girl. Hope this helps.

  6. Jill Morgan says:

    Me again. I think the year for the hog roast at Clayhanger is more likely to be 1961.

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