The Brownhills Blog 2018 photo competition results!

The wildflower meadow at the National Memorial Arboretum by Rebecca Owen – we all felt this was a lovely image and poignant too. Well worth a first prize of a backyard mini keg.

Julie Le Moine’s first prize winning snowfield she captured on the way to feeding her horses was remarkable. I nearly missed it until another judge mentioned it, then fell in love.

Right folks – this has been hard, so hard, in fact nearly impossible and due to the sheer volume and quality of work you all submitted, I’ve dug deep and doubled the prize fund – there will now be four beer prizes for equal top images, and seven honourable mentions will receive books.

Myself and the people who kindly volunteered their judging skills – Linda, Phil and David – all came in with different suggestions and It’s been tough, and if I could, there would be more prizes. But someone has to win.

The number of owls was excellent, have to say. You can see the complete gallery here.

The decision is final, but rest assured – there will be another competition in high summer, maybe with a theme – so stay tuned. If you haven’t won it’s not a slight but out of over 200 entries it’s hard.

The standard was excellent – much better than ever I dreamed of. You all did this place proud, thank you.

Book prizes: All the following have won a book which I shall post out to you. I have a list of mostly secondhand local stuff you can choose one of, and if you give your address I’ll post it out. These were great submissions, or had spirit as a whole that was impressive, and in another comp might well have won: Sue Bunch, Doug Hulett, Carla Jones, Victoria Derby, Joanna Lees, Warren Parry and James Mason.

This one from Vicky Devine wins a special prize as I feel it captures the spirit of Brownhills, in a place many of us will recognise, and a situation most of us will have been in. It’s lovely and I have just the thing for this – a mystery prize. Vicky, I’ll be in touch.

I will contact winners individually in the week. For people having beer, I will arrange for 7 pint mini kegs of your choice with Backyard to be available for collection from their shop on the Gatehouse Estate in Brownhills and will message you with selection details, and again when ready. At the moment I’m fighting off the lurgy so it could be near the weekend before I get to contacting you – sorry.

Previous winners and friends of the blog will vouch I always deliver on prizes, it might take me a week or two though.

Thanks so much for taking part – you make this community around the blog what it is – social, fun, vibrant, creative and a joy to be part of. Thank you all.

Ben Turner’s skeletal tree was mentioned by more than one of us and the depth on this is just excellent. I find the permanence of the spires contrasts with the hardiness, yet impermanence of the tree. An excellent first prize. Well done Ben.

Maz Sealey’s Robin was mentioned by almost all of us I think, and there’s so much to make it a first prize winner. Great depth, the curve of the rod and eyelets, and what superb timing. Robin looks real and like he’s been around a bit too, and is hoping maybe for a little bait. Excellent.


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  1. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    a huge thanks to your goodself for running this amazing competition and to all those who sent in their beautiful photos.
    with my best wishes for your full recovery
    kind regards

  2. Sean geraghty says:

    Well done to the winners and runners up. Lovely to see so many people passionate about showing off our beautiful landscape.

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