Important appeal: Did you know Brian Turley?

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Woodcross nursing home in Bloxwich, where Mr. Turley sadly slipped away. Imagery from Apple Maps.

This is one of those requests that pops up from time to time, and was issued by the Communication Team at Walsall Council yesterday, September 5th 2016 and I’d like all locals to have a think about it, and if any of you can do so, please help.

I must admit, this is a sad case and these do tug at my heart quite a bit – imagine passing away and leaving so little information of yourself known. How terribly tragic.

Local residents are being asked to help with the search for relatives of a recently deceased man.

Social Care officers are keen to get in touch with any family members of Mr Brian Turley who passed away in Woodcross Nursing Home, 23 Reaves Street, aged 78.

Bev Parslow, finance officer for residential care, said: “We would like to pass on our condolences to Mr Turley’s family and friends.

‘We would be grateful to hear from any relatives of Mr Turley or anyone who might have helpful information about his family so that they can make proper arrangements for his funeral.

‘We appreciate this may be difficult but we encourage anyone with information they think may be useful to get in touch.’

If anyone has any information about Mr Turley’s family they are asked to contact Bev Parslow from residential care on 01922 650892.

I often run these kinds of request, mainly because I feel that whatever has occurred within families, we’d all prefer to know of the loss of one of ours. Finding the relatives can be as much about closure as anything else, so please help if you can.

Thanks in advance. If anyone would prefer no to contact the council directly for whatever reason, email me at BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot come and I’ll pass any messages on.

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  1. Andrew Teal says:

    I went to school in Stourbridge with a guy called Mark Brian Turley – quite unusual to have 2 names. He’d be 52 (or 53) now.

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