Three sugars, please


Remember it so well. The steam, smoke and hubbub. That chap in the front, sure I recognise him. Image kindly sent in by Val Wood.

The response to the Taylors Cafe material I posted here recently from Andy Wood has been astounding – later followed by another great pic and equally popular memories from Nigel Griffiths.

Today, I can present another couple off wonderful photos kindly sent in by Val Wood, who used to work in the cafe. I’m sure Val must have sorted me for a breakfast or two, along with the rest of Brownhills.

Val had this to say:

Dear Bob

Another two photographs of Taylor’s.

The first is a picture of the sadly missed June Davies and myself (Val Wood) and in the background with his back to the audience is Joe Taylor.

The other Photograph is of the front counter with me Serving.

Please feel free to use them on your blog if you wish.

All the best
Val Wood

Thanks Val – what wonderful images, cheers so much for sharing them with us. Only 30p for a cup of tea? Bargain!

Anyone recognise the cap in the foreground of the top picture? His face looks familiar…

Have any memories or anything further to add? Please do comment or mail me: BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com.


Hard at work, filling those butties… absent friends. Image kindly supplied by Val Wood.

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10 Responses to Three sugars, please

  1. Sue Woodward (nee Bullock) says:

    Is this the cafe that was next to Poxon’s, prev Central Cafe?

    • Ade Reid says:

      No it was on the left hand side of Pelsall Road heading towards Pelsall about 750 yards from the island with the miner on.It had a railway bridge at the back of it.

  2. John says:

    The chap in the foreground of the picture i`m sure is Alan Henry used to drink in the Prince Of Wales and the Whitehorse

    • Ade Reid says:

      Yes think you could be right with that John
      I think my son went to school with his son also called John.They lived in Chapel Avenue.

  3. lee taylor says:

    lad on the photo looks like johnathon whitehouse from Walsall wood

  4. Brian Edwards says:

    A most wonderful friend of mine before emigrating to Canada was Barry Taylor. Barry became a member of Lichfield and district Motorcycle club back in the 70’s just after we had moved the Motorcycle club from The Turk’s Head in Lichfield to Walsall Wood Working Men’s Club. Being a founding member of the club I decided to acquire a more versatile space so after spending but a short time at the Working Men’s club we moved onto The Horse and Jockey where Horace and Annie Stringer welcomed us. The Horse and Jockey had two rooms that were not in use at the time; The Snug and The Lounge which Horace and Annie allowed us to run our club from. Barry was an integral part of the club and rode on many Rallies with us, be it for charity or pleasure. The Motorcycle club with a membership sustained from different parts of the borough was still being held there when I left for Canada in 1980. Hello Barry if you happen to read this.

  5. Clive says:

    Hi Brian, I used to be a member of the Lichfield and District Motorcycle Club, when it was held at Walsall Wood Football Club, and then we moved to the working mens club over the road, I may know you! although there was a lot of members as it was quite poplular in the 70s. I can remember a chap called chunky and also Barry Taylor, but the rest are just faces with out names, well it was a long ime ago.

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  7. Susan Athersmith says:

    Hi. Mick and sue used to go the horse and jockey then the working mens club and then behind the baths. Happy days with Kenny Honda and who remembers dads army.

  8. Steve Latham says:

    I remember Kenny Honda and Butch Cassidy together with his coleague Len both Coppers as was I believe Barry’s brother, Micky 6 who we reckoned kept his bike in the house. Was it Colin Pratt the tiler who came with his brother- in- law and son. Happy days last time I went it was to the Boat I believe between Brownhills and Lichfiels.

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