Five treated after three vehicle collision in Brownhills High Street


Turns out the black vehicle was apparently a C3. Image kindly supplied by Marie Morris.

[Update 9:10pm]

There’s a brief report from the Express & Star here. It says nobody was seriously injured.

[Update 7:40pm] From Travel Tom on twitter: At 7:30pm, Julie Le Moine pointed out the road was now clear. My best wishes to all involved – a horrid thing to happen.


Image kindly supplied by Marie Morris.

News is just coming in of a three-vehicle crash in Brownhills High Street this evening, just near Silver Court/Farmfoods aren, near the junction of Silver Street. West Midlands Police say three cars have been involved, and five people treated for injures. Marie Morris came through shortly after the accident, and said:

Hey Bob

Three car collision in silver court not 100 percent certain on cars only got a very quick glance at them on way home – one looks to be a Corsa front ripped off the other is the one I’m not sure on because of so much damage to the back, but it looks like it may be a new type Punto and a white car with no visible damage sonot sure how it was involved.


Thanks to Marie. Obviously there’s congestion in the area and the road has been closed. More news as I have it – thanks very much to Marie for the message and photo.

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  1. alex daniels says:

    looked like a corsa and a citeron c3

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