Walsall Wood Tesco Express to close


So farewell then, Tesco Express Walsall Wood. Never in a great location, the decision to site it here always seemed odd to me.

Just in case you haven’t seen it (you must have done by now, surely), the Tesco Express at Streets Corner, Walsall Wood is to close for good on March 15th 2015, as part of a closure program that will see 43 stores close across the country.

The decline of Tesco really is a salutary lesson to UK retail giants – from such dominance a few short years ago to the mercy of the markets in 2015. It clearly started to dawn on them a while back that all was not well – abandoning the new store in Brownhills, then the very brief opening and subsequent closure of a store in Burntwood.

The shop at Streets Corner, in the unit formerly occupied by the ill-fated Kwik-Save and Meadow Market before that, has never been a store Ive been fond of, and the Co-op over the road seems to have won out.

For those who fear missing the cashpoint, there is one inside the co-op, just by the bakery section; thank to Walsall Wood adoptee Andy Holyhead for the tipoff.

My sympathies and commiserations to the staff involved. It must be a horrid thing to face.

There’s coverage at the Walsall Advertiser here. Thanks to all the readers who tipped me off.

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8 Responses to Walsall Wood Tesco Express to close

  1. peter says:

    Hi ………. A sad event for the staff for sure, I’ve generally found them to be helpful and courteous. I hope they find alternative employment soon. Whilst there is a corporate influence on the closure itself the location has never helped. The Car Park is used by many different businesses and is often chaotic, the access in and out from Salters Road is often snarled up at busy times, whilst it may not seem immediately obvious I think that the Co-op opening at Lazy Hill has taken business away from Tesco at Streets Corner as well. Easy parking, bigger store, bigger choice easier to access etc and other stores around it that offer a far wider variety of goods. I have to say that I feel more for N and T News that used to be where the Carpet Shop is now next to Mizan Spice, N and T had been trading for many years and initially fought off Tesco’s when it first opened but eventually closed due to the presence of Tesco’s.
    Tesco’s gave it a go, knowing it would affect the local guy, couldn’t make it work, gave up and piss off, maybe N and T would still be open had it not been for Tesco opening in the first place.
    Just a thought………………..

    • N&T are still going, doing deliveries locally.
      So it’s not all doom and gloom


      • peter says:

        Hi…….. Sorry I wasn’t clear in my original posting, I should have said the closure of the shop itself was a loss to the area, I often see Neil and Tina out and about making deliveries and yes they are still going strong.
        The shop was a focal point for a number of people in the area and provided a very friendly and local service. I often used to see Neil out in bad weather putting down salt etc on the footpaths and more often than not on a daily basis picking up the litter that seemed to collect, not only outside his own shop but around and about generally, I have to say that most of the litter didn’t seem to originate from his shop but neighbouring shops!!!
        Does anyone think Tesco pick up the rubbish beyond their own front doorstep?
        N and T the shop was a sad loss to that area for sure.


  2. tkevcro says:

    There’s also a cashpoint at the Post Office in Walsall Wood High St

  3. John Parker says:

    I also wonder what effect this might have on the “One Stop” (T&S Stores) side of operations on the Pelsall Road, also owned by Tesco.

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  5. Nicola taylor says:

    Who remembers artic freezer shop next to kwiksave walsall wood?? Solve a debate

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