Moving pictures – cinema returns to Aldridge

Regular readers will know well that I like to support community projects here on the blog, and anything that caters for the kids is particularly close to my heart – so here’s a bold and inspiring project I think we can all really get behind.

Last weekend, Russell Smith contacted me about his project to start a community cinema at Aldridge Youth Theatre, to bring films back to the local community – including Brownhills. The project would be in support of Aldridge Youth Theatre, where the screenings would take place.

This sounds like an excellent idea, and the project is building support on Facebook, and will soon launch it’s own website. Russell is also after some help with the history of local cinemas, so if you can help, please do get in touch and I’ll hook you up.

Russell said:


A true star of the silver screen – Russell sets up the screen in preparation for the launch.

Hello Bob

I am a regular follower of your Blog – I am Aldridge Born, Bred and schooled and now in my mid 50s.

I am seeking your help. I am setting up a community cinema based at the Aldridge Youth Theatre – have spent my early years as a regular at The Avion. I want to bring afforadable community cinema to the Aldridge, Walsall Wood and Brownhills area.

I own the excellent book on the Avion – Harry Dennant and Sue Satterthwaite. I did a google search on the names of the contributors to this book including John Sale collection and your blog came up but I have been unable to find the article in your blog archives.

I am planning on opening in November and would very much like to organise a suitable display or links to the book and the cinema history of the area but not sure who or how to contact.

I will be visiting the Local History Centre next week.

The feedback from the community about setting up the cinema has been very encouraging and I have managed to get over 500 likes on the facebook page in under a week with some great comments.

Any help would be appreciated in promoting the cinema. It will be based at the Aldridge Youth Theatre (originally the idea of a Sylvia Cartwright who started the theatre group in Brownhills over 50 years ago before it had a permanent home in Aldridge).

We installed the screen and projection equipment today. The Cinema is a community cinema with any profits being re-invested to support the Youth Theatre and other arts projects in the area. The image is from the installation of the screen today. The Facebook page can be found here and the website should be launched in a week.

We are planning to be open in November this year.

Really appreciate any support – keep up the great work with the blog.

Kind Regards
Russell Smith

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5 Responses to Moving pictures – cinema returns to Aldridge

  1. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    super news, Russell.
    Dear Miss Sylvia Cartwright made such a positive and enduring impact locally. I wonder if you would consider writing something for the blog, please.
    kind regards and every succes in your venture, Russell

  2. morturn says:

    Reblogged this on The Friends of Sandfields Pumping Station and commented:
    I have had a lot of people in Lichfield tell me that the one thing they would like is a cinema. I had this really interesting conversation with Russell today to discuss the possibilities of how we could use Sandfields as a pop up cinema.

    Read on…

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