Assault on dog walker in Brownhills: take care people

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The canal here is popular with walkers and cyclists. Imagery from Google Maps.

News is circulating locally via a Facebook status that in recent days, a local lady walking her two dogs was assaulted on the section of canal in Brownhills between the Lichfield Road and Chase Road Bridges: this area is at the side of the Castings factory, and often called ‘The Chemical’.

The incident appears to have occurred on Friday morning, 4th July 2014.

This is obviously very disturbing, as that particular stretch of towpath is very popular with dog walkers, runners and cyclists. It’s a bit isolated too, so take care if you’re up that way.

Brownhills is generally a very safe place to live, and this kind of thing is exceptional, so it’s all the more important that we try and help the Police nail this guy.

I have made enquiries with local police and will post up any further information should it become available.

Please, if you know this man, you witnessed something or have any information at all, please contact West Midlands Police or Crimestoppers.

The Facebook status says:

Please be on your guard if you are walking alone one the canal… I was assaulted yesterday morning while walking my 2 dogs along the canal at the back of casting in Brownhills, thank fully my wonderful soft jack Russell launched himself at the man and bit him and he got my knee before he ran off.

The police have logged it as a sexual assault due to the nature of how I was grabbed and have done a search of the surrounding areas going up to Chasewater but no luck in catching him.

It’s taken me a lot to be able to put this on here but if helps prevent another attack then its worth it, so if you or you know of anyone who walks their dogs alone along the canal please make them aware of this, thank you.

Updated 7th July, 9:40am. The victim has given this description of her assailant:

The man in question was of Asian appearance , aprox 5ft 4 slim build, dark short hair, clean shaven, wearing dark trousers, dark footwear, white teeshirt with logo on front but not sure what it was and black cycling gloves.

He may now have a dog bite to his left leg below his knee from where my dog bit him.

Anyone with information is urged to contact West Midlands Police by dialling 101 or speak to Crimestoppers anonymously on 0800 555 111.


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4 Responses to Assault on dog walker in Brownhills: take care people

  1. Andy says:

    This is my dog run too and I walk this every two days (I rotate this run and clayhanger common so the dogs don’t get bored). I’m not sure if I was that way Friday but as a regular walker along this actual stretch I can say I have never seen an Asian man or lady there, ever so maybe not a local. I was there this morning talking to an elderly lady with a whippet type dog and an a retired chap with a small staffie and no one mentioned or saw anything.
    If I see him I’ll grab him and take him down until the police arrive. I wish the lady in question all the best and to not lock herself away cause of this pervert. Well done to the little Jack Russell for stepping in and saving the day. 🙂

    • chrissie ismay says:

      thank u Andy for ur kind words ,
      thankfully im ok still jumpy if some one bumps in to me but im not going to allow this man to make me become his victim ,
      my jack Russell is my hero normally he’s a very laid back boy who couldn’t fight his way out of a wet paper bag but he came to my rescue and for as long as he is with us I will always be great full to him and he was treated very well …. only the best stake that night for him , even though he is unwell at the moment with an on going complaint he’s always there at my side any 🙂
      kind regards

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