Lost horizons

Here’s a couple of things I came across yesterday whilst looking for something else. These, I’m sure, will be of interest to most readers, but especially Peter ‘Pedro’ Cutler, a native Brummie.

The film below is extraordinary, I’ve never seen it before – It’s fascinating, a period piece, and also shows remarkable hubris. Perhaps it’s just knowing what went wrong that makes it seem so misguided.

The other thing I spotted was a photo stream on Flickr that will also be of great interest to those interested in the 1960s redevelopment of Birmingham, as well as earlier and later periods. It’s the photostream of Geoff7918, and contains some remarkable photos of Birmingham and the nearby Black Country.

Geoff7918, sharp-eyed readers will recall, has the collection of images from Peter Shoesmith, one of which was a remarkable shot of Brownhills I featured in the post Station Mastery a few weeks ago. I actually came across the Birmingham content separately, which just goes to show that cream floats…

Geoff7918 refers to a ‘University photographer’, and I’m not clear what the story is, but these are remarkable images. Please do click through and have a look around..

The Bull Ring April '62

St. Martins and the old Woolworths store. The church then had a churchyard. Everything was different before it all changed. Image by Geoff7918 and embedded from his Flickr photo stream. Do click through and explore.

Diesels at Birmingham New Street 1958

New Street Station in the 1950s. It’s easy to see why the redevelopment occurred, even if it was a bad design. Although, to be honest, I’m not entirely convinced it’s all bad. Image by Geoff7918 and embedded from his Flickr photo stream. Do click through and explore.

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  1. Pedro says:

    Fantastic set of good quality photos, well worth a visit!

    I agree, the film is quite extraordinary. I was taken aback by the number of well-dressed people!

    Great find, regards Pedro

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