Going downhill fast…

Having some technical issues today, hopefully normal service will be resumed tomorrow. In the meantime, here’s a couple of videos I made from Friday’s ride. I’ve made these especially for reader Trev in Australia, who I hear is a bit under the weather, and enjoys the ride films a lot. Hope you feel a bit better soon, old chap, and these can brighten your day a little.

First, I’ve got descent from the top of the Weaver Hills (well, as high as the road goes, at least), down through Wooton to Ellastone. A nice downhill run, complete with cattle grids and some wonderful curves. If you want to see what it’s like to climb this hill, I made a video of that last year.

Top speed about 44mph, and the track is ‘The Masked Marvel’ by Vince Guraldi.

The second is from earlier in the ride. Travelling from Tissington, this film starts just over the A515 heading down into Dovedale, through Thorpe and Ilam, finishing at Steeplehouse, which is on the floor of the Manifold Valley, just ahead of the climb up to the Weaver Hills. This is a gorgeous run, and one I love. Some killer climbs and winding lanes.

Top speed about 35mph, and the music is a cover of Dave Matthews’ ‘Two Step’ by The Middlebury Dissipate Eight.

I have another video to come, but that’ll have to wait until I’ve kicked some life into the computer…

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18 Responses to Going downhill fast…

  1. Clive says:

    Hi Bob, that ride tired me out, i`m going to have a rest now.
    Best wishes Clive

  2. David Evans says:

    HI Bob
    breathless just watching the videos. Super countryside.Lovely Derbyshire!
    kind regards

  3. Trevor Brown says:

    Thank you so much Bob, I suspect David asked you to do this for me,
    After a week of Radium therapy and Three months of female hormone treatment
    I have been feeling a bit down to say the least The video was a real tonic for me
    Oh I do miss living in Staffordshire the lanes, the views, the little Pubs, the birds that sing as opposed to Aussie birds that all seem to squawk,

    I know Dovedale isn’t Staffordshire but we used to love the bike ride to Dovedale when we were young and walking across the steping stones and seing was it Isac Waltons? fishing shack on the far bank, anyway thanks very much you are a Champion Mate.
    Kind Regards Trevor in Brisbane

  4. Trevor Brown says:

    Sorry it was Isac Newton not Walton I think

  5. David Evans says:

    Hi Bob
    I fully endorse Trevs comments. It is wonderfully kind of you.
    Steady with those hormones, Trev !

  6. Pedro says:

    Interesting comment Trevor, about Dovedale not being in Staffordshire. For many people Dovedale would come to mind as honeypot of the Peak District National Park.

    I have been at two pub quizzes where the question is posed as to which County the Park is in, the answer being Derbyshire. Staffordshire being completely ignored!

    All the Best, Pedro

  7. Barry Carpenter says:

    I know Dovedale isn’t Staffordshire but we used to love the bike ride to Dovedale when we were young and walking across the steping stones and seing was it Isac Waltons? fishing shack on the far bank, anyway thanks very much you are a Champion Mate.

    Right first time, Issac Walton was the fisherman.

  8. That’s a good Derny bike you’ve got there Bob 😉

  9. Trevor Brown says:

    Hi Pedro, Is Dovedale in Derbyshire or Staffordshire?

    And to Barry my dad used to have a book called The Complete Angler was that written by Issac Walton, or about him?

    Anyway why did we let the Morons change our birthplace from Staffordshire to the West Midlands, When anyone here asks me where I come from I always say Staffordshire because thats on my Birth certificate Walsall Wood Staffordshire and they can’t change that,
    Regards to you all Trev,

    • Hi Trevor, Pedro, David, and all

      Dovedle is an interesting case. A quick squint at an OS map shows the border between Staffs and Derbyshire runs down the centre of the river Dove, all he way to Three Heads north of The Roaches. Thus, if you walk over the stepping stones, you cross counties. The west side – Ilam, Milldale, Alstonefield etc are Staffs. The east side – Thorpe, Mappleton, Alsop are in Derbyshire. As far as I know, ’twas ever thus.

      Trev, I’d like to say that nobody asked me to do these videos, but David let me know you were poorly and said how much you enjoyed the 365 days thing, being a cyclist yourself. Since I was going up there, I thought I’d do you a few films to hopefully stir the memories and allow you a little vicarious cycling without leaving th armchair.

      Get well soon, Trevor, we love to hear from you and I know the entire community and readership around this blog will join with me in wishing you all the best. As you can see from my latest post, one of the things I think is best about this blog is the way it reconnects people spread about the world back to their roots here in Brownhills and Walsall Wood. It’s always a joy to share a little of the great countryside of these parts with those far away.



  10. Trevor Brown says:

    Hi Bob and friends Thanks for your information about Dovedale and the county borders I started to think I was a idiot saying that it was Derbyshire,

    I will post you a few photos of our city which is not really Brownhills blog, but perhaps something a little different to interest someone, how about a few photos from all your readers around this big Earth that have spread out to the near and distant corners for many reasons but have wonderful memories of growing up or just moving through on life’s journey,in the Wood and Brownhills that is now only a mouse click away as they say,

  11. Pedro says:

    Hi Trevor,

    Take a walk with me from the car park at Dovedale, across the stepping stones (although no picture on this occasion), along the river Dove to Mildale, over the hills to Tissington, on to Thorpe and back along the Dove. (28 photos, use arrow to follow)…


    If you are still interested take another defineately in the Staffs area of the Peak District. Up to Hen Cloud, over to Ramshaw Rocks, along the stream to the other end of The Roaches and along the ridge. (22 photos)


    Hope you enjoy, all the best Pedro

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  13. Trevor Brown says:

    Thank you Bob, Pedro ,David and Barry for all your work I am really enjoying this post that is reminding me off places that I have been to and places that I have never been to,

  14. pedro says:

    Don’t encourage me Trevor!

    Here is another Peak District Walk from Biggin, along Biggin Dale, Wolfscote Dale, Berresford Dale, to Hartington, and back. (28 photos)


    All the best Pedro

  15. David Evans says:

    HI Pedro
    super photos..thanks for sharing them…beautiful countryside

  16. Trevor Brown says:

    Thanks Pedro lovely walk thanks again

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