This is an interesting newspaper item sent to me by keen reader Ian Bourne. I’m not sure of the date or the newspaper it came from, but it’s certainly around the last war looking and the adjacent adverts before I cropped the image. I’ve never heard this tale before: it’s extraordinarily tragic and just goes to show what odd twists and turns fate can take. Does anyone out there have any further information?

Ian said this:

Hi chap,

Hope you’re good, and looking forward to a weekend, fingers crossed on the weather.

I was reading some old newspapers that Kelly (my missus)’s granddad had lent me a while ago, about the war etc. Then I came across the enclosed story; which tells it’s own story, but poor Ann Green!



I'm not sure which newspaper or what date, but how very unfortunate. Clipping supplied by Ian Bourne.

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3 Responses to Consequences

  1. Ian says:

    Bob – the date was on the other clipping that I attached – Daily Mirror, Thursday November 5 1942. The headline…”Rommel Routed Huns Fleeing In Disorder” and the Italians have asked for an armistice to enable them to bury their dead.

    • Hi Ian.

      Oh bugger – I never saw the second attachment. I feel such a fool. My apologies. I could blame Apple Mail for the problem. Or I could just admit I’m an eejit. Sorry old chap.

      Best wishes, and thanks


  2. Ian says:

    Hey Bob, no worries!

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