Trouble brewing?

Continuing on a Shire Oak theme, I happened upon this whilst searching for something else a week or so ago. It’s a public notice from ‘The London Gazette’, dated April 23rd, 1901.

Disagreement? Poor sales? Too much competition from William Roberts? From The London Gazette, 23rd April 1901.

Interestingly, although the partnership was dissolved, that doesn’t seem to be the end of the story. The website of the Fox Inn, at Chaddesley Corbett, whilst crippled by one of the worst website gimmicks I’ve ever seen, has this interesting statement on it’s history page:

Ann Newey, owner of the Fox Inn, sold the pub to G.H.Boulter, Shire Oak Brewery located at Stonnal near Walsall in 1903. The brewery were keen to expand their estate of pubs in Worcestershire. It was then that the pub’s brewhouse closed and the Shire Oak ales introduced to Chaddesley Corbett. It is probably after the pub was acquired that it was re-modelled. Shire Oak closed in 1930 and the pub was sold to John Joules and Sons of Stone in Staffordshire.

This must have been a fairly sizable concern, yet I can find little history of the brewery, either as ‘Shire Oak Brewery’ or ‘Boulter, Shire Oak’. A Mrs Ann Boulter is recorded in the 1896 Kelly’s, as transcribed by  the wonderful Sue Lote, as ‘Shire Oak & Farmer’, but that seems to be all.

I bring this up now as I erroneously stated some weeks ago, on a post on Councillor Mike Flower’s blog that The Shire Oak was a William Roberts house, which is patently not the case.

So, has anyone got any more information?

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  1. Roger Jones says:

    More trouble was “brewing” at Shire Oak shortly after the Partnership dissolved. In July 1901 lightning struck the brewery chimney. I cannot tell you the full story as I only found a few “snippets” of text whilst doing a Google Book search on Shire Oak last week.

    There may very well be a local newspaper article.

    The snippets were from …
    ” Journal of the Society of Arts, Volume 53 1905″ in an article on lightning which reads … Walsall (Shire Oak Brewery) – Chimney 70 ft high. Reported by Mr G H Boulter. Bricks dis ….” [End]

    and also “Modern lightning conductors: 1905″. This snippet reads ” Chimney at Shire Oak Brewery, Walsall, 20 feet high, standing 567 feet above sea level, July 22nd 1901 – A conductor of copper tape fitted with multiple points on the elevation rod was fixed to the stack, which was 4 feet 6 inches square at top. The lightning struck the opposite side, and, after ….” [End]

    Note the discrepancy in the height of the chimney; I suspect 70 ft to be correct.

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  3. Graeme Fisher says:

    Joules also owned the Old Swan at Stonnall in the 1960s.

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  5. Dave Bishop says:

    I had completely forgotten when I read about the Shire Oak Inn that I own a bit of memorabilia from that very hostelry. But I am not sure how to add or send photographs to you.

    The item is, I assume, a snuff box bearing the name of the Shire Oak Brewery. It measures approximately 10cm diameter and about 4cm ‘thick’, made out of an odd alloy which I thought was copper but think it may be very thin brass. The lid is hinged with a simple fastener. Have a look and let’s invite comment. And no, I don’t want to sell!

    Let me know how pics can appear and I will send a few to illustrate the story.

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