Calling Stonnall history buffs…

Julian Ward-Davies sent me mail today to point out that he’d updated some of the material in his remarkable  paper ‘The Stonnall Mysteries‘.

Hi Bob

For some time, I have been considering the whereabouts of the original Swan Inn, which was one of the two stage-coach hostelries in Stonnall, the other being the Welsh Harp. With a little bit of detective work, I believe I have found out exactly where it was or, should I say, is. It has been staring us in the face all these years at Lazy Hill Road as the Manor House.

There are three pieces of evidence that support my conclusion and I have attached one of them for you to have a look at. It is a detail of the Yates Map of 1774.

Consequently, I have amended my article The Stonnall Mysteries

Best wishes

Julian Ward-Davies

An extract from the Yates map of 1774.

The update is as well researched and fascinating as we’ve all come to expect from Julian, please do pop and have a read. I keep banging on about this, but his work is a stunning example of just how great amateur research can be. Julian is a shining example to all interested in landscape and local history.

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  2. michael2015 says:

    You are right; it was the current Manor House. The Welsh Harp is now Wordsley House and Marlais House. The original stables (to the west of Wordsley House, are now converted into a very well conserved modern home. A tunnel from the Manor House to Wordsley House existed until recently. Whe Glenwood Rise was built, the tunnel was destroyed.

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