Another bunch of idiots

More illegal motorbike use – this time, somewhat unusually, on a Sunday afternoon in one of the busiest bits of Cannock Chase. These particular muppets came off a forest track from the Birches Valley direction and were heading down Marquis Drive toward Kitbag Hill, about 300 yards from the visitor centre. I observed a father out with two small kids on tiny bikes give these guys some serious verbal. I’ve experienced illegal four-wheel offroading at Lower Cliff before, but I rarely see motorbikes. Since there were rangers about, I don’t think this little group can have much about them. They certainly didn’t seem to understand why the crazy cyclist bloke was taking their pictures.

Not bad photos considering they were taken from a moving bicycle.

Mini motorbike? Check. Macho swagger? Check. No trace of a clue? Check. 2:29pm, Marquis drive, Cannock Chase, Sunday, 14th March 2010.

Not the sharpest tools in the box, clearly. Marquis Drive, Cannock Chase, 2:29pm, Sunday, 14th March 2010.

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  1. Steve says:

    It’s such a shame that some idiots have the ruin the peace and quiet of the Chase. Hopefully the rangers moved them on.

  2. Roger Robinson says:


    Im a cyclist myself more although more of a MTBer.

    Are you sure the 4×4’s are illegal at lower cliff ? I thought they were allowed to offroad near that area some where in the special events area (SEA).

    Ok I’ve found a pic ->

    Apparently the 4×4 area is somewhat to the west of lower cliff. Although Im not sure how accurate that map is.

    I’ve noticed the Pit bikers have started using Hopwas hayes wood during Winter 2008/2009 not sure if there still using it. They built a track in the north west corner.

    The only positive thing is a least the kids seem to be using Pit bikes now rather than crosser, theres no way the smaller wheels can cause as much erosion as a full size crosser. And also they cant get up to the same speeds which limits the dangers somewhat.

    I find it difficult to condemn them too harshly. I like to get out in the country side on my MTB. If I was young and one of my mates had a pit bike Im sure I’d want a go.

    A lot of ramblers would be quite happy to see MTBikes banned from offroad and a lot of land owners would be quite happy to see ramblers banned from “their” land. Same as alot of car drivers would like to see cyclists banned from “their” roads. So although I can see Powered Offroad bikes are dangerous its a slippery slope.

    The main problem is the population pressures on the chase can lead to activities like this becoming dangerous with many other users about, if it were som where more deserted personally I would not have a problem with their hobby.

    Also if there learning to service the bike themselves they’re learning some valuable skills which could be useful later in life.

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