Many happy returns!

I’d like to take a moment to congratulate local news institution The YamYam, and wish it all the best on the occasion of the site’s first birthday. This veritable institution offers a local news service expertly and enthusiastically tailored to Walsall, with a distinctive personality and great presentation.

This blog certainly wouldn’t be anything like as popular as it appears to be without the hard work of Mark beavering away in the wilds of Walsall’s suburbia. I know he labours all hours to collect, publicise and aggregate the views of not just the local media, but of all the local blogging community. I’m sure we all join together in thanking The YamYam for it’s dedication, humour and innovation.

Cheers, mate. You’re appreciated here.

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  • Thanks for your kind words and good wishes Bob.

    The YamYam owes much to the many hard-working newspaper journalists who seek out stories about people and events in Walsall, the dedicated community of creative local bloggers and social networkers who provide features and critical commentary, and of course its many loyal readers…

    The YamYam is a dwarf standing on the shoulders of giants…

    All the best


  • I’d like to add my congratulations for the site. Happy Birthday.


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