Free sheets to the wind

A bundle of 'The Walsall Chronicle' dumped in bushes by the side of the Wyrley & Essington canal, 2:42pm, Saturday 13th February 2010

Whilst out for a lazy spin on a murky, chilly Saturday afternoon, I spotted a bundle of unread, clearly undelivered copies of the Walsall Chronicle free paper, dumped under bushes at the canal side. Now, I can’t be sure if they’ve been dumped in the pretence that they were delivered, or if they’ve been nicked and chucked there by kids. I suspect the former. Do you know anyone who delivers the paper and seems to get their round completed rather quickly? This could be the reason. It’s not only illegal littering that’s harming the environment, it’s denting the circulation and reputation of what is a very much improved read of late. To the scum that dumped them, I hope your balls drop off.

If you see any more of these papers dumped, it might be an idea to contact the paper on or phone them on 01922 444321. It might also be an idea to contact Walsall Council’s Street Pride folks at or 01922 653344.

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