Breathtaking stupidity

The readiness with which some people put their own lives at risk never ceases to amaze me. What I saw this afternoon, whilst on a snowy stroll around Brownhills and Chasewater, risked not only the lives of the muppets foolishly prancing out on the frozen reservoir, but of anyone public spirited enough to attempt to come to their aid should they fall in. In a weekend when we have already lost lives in such accidents, I can’t believe that these two were unaware of the risks involved. Sights like this makes me question if Darwinian Evolution is till functioning…

Sometimes natural selection doesn't work, as these idiots prove, Chasewater, 3:56pm Sunday 10th January 2010
Dicing with death - more so considering that the release of water continues 3:56pm, Sunday 10th January 2010
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  • The really dim do eventually leave the gene pool usually unexpectedly.

  • James

    That’s probably your mate Malpas, trying to get get his spraycan back…


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