Photos from the 6th Annual Brownhills Canal Festival

I toddled along to the canal festival in Brownhills today, as did a sizeable number of my fellow Brownhillians – a great day seems to have been had by all. Lots to see and do for kids and plenty of chatter for the adults. There seem to have been more boats this year, and the good weather helped after last year’s grim conditions. It was a pleasant, enjoyable event and a credit to the town, and to those who work hard to organise it.

Click any of the photos to see a larger version.

People clearly work hard to put this event on, and it was good to see a few of the independent traders from the High Street taking part – but why on earth is there not more involvement from the bigger companies, like Tesco, Focus and Wilkinson? As a town, Brownhills puts profit in the pockets of these companies, would it really hurt them to get a bit more involved with something happening right by their stores?

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