Appeal – did you know Kathleen Coley?


We think Kathleen lived in Robson Close, just off Lindon Road for a while. Imagery from Apple Maps.

Hi folks, an unusual enquiry please but I hope it’s one the readership might be able to help with.

A couple weeks back, I ran an appeal here from Walsall’s Manor Hospital, looking for relatives of three patients: one of whom was a lady listed as being from Darlaston, Kathleen Coley.

Kathleen has sadly passed away with no relatives found, but a friend of the blog who made her acquaintance has been asked by the Vicar due to perform the service what was known about the deceased. Sadly, the answer is very little.

Kathleen Coley spent time in Darlaston, Bloxwich Hospital (around 2014), and in recent times, lived in the bungalows on Lindon Road, on the Brownhills/Walsall Wood border by the junction with Clayhanger Lane – what I presume to be Robson Close.

If you knew Kathleen Coley and would like to share you memories to make the funeral just a little more personal, that would be wonderful. It would be nice to do the right thing and give this lady a more intimate sendoff.

Kathleen’s funeral is due to take place on Wednesday, 8th March 2017 at 9.15 at Streetly Crematorium.

If you have any information about Kathleen or anything you’d like to share, please don’t hesitate to contact me – BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot com. Cheers.

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5 Responses to Appeal – did you know Kathleen Coley?

  1. Michael says:

    Surely the vicar concerned could contact the hospital, explain the problem, and ask for her last known address, then contact neighbours..there are also a few bungalows opposite Crash.Bang Wallop, Lindon Road….

    • They’ve tried that. Her last address was a nursing home.

      Sometimes, when people are in quite advanced stages of ill health, getting any information at all is very hard, because if you think about it, people without family don’t leave much of a trail.

      Hence we’re asking here.


  2. Malcolm farmer says:

    I have coley in my family I was born in salters road my Nan was Clara ,she had Pauline,Nellie,Charlie,joe and sally.we are doing our family tree and your Kathleen has not turned up on any information.We would have liked it to have been.

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