Plea for family of deceased Caldmore man

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It seems strange than in such a busy place, one can pass away almost unknown. Imagery from Google Streetview.

We seem to have had a lot of appeals in the last few months to trace the family of local deceased people – but I make no apology for running another one; these appeals are essential, and I really feel for anyone who passes away alone.

If you’re wondering why we suddenly see a lot of these, Environmental Health at Walsall (as with any authority) have always had a legal duty to trace relatives in such cases, but formerly used classified adverts in local papers. In recent months, they’ve wisely  started using social media, too.

Although such appeals are a legal requirement, I’ll always support them and run them; this blog has a large readership now, and someone out there may just unlock a mystery. It must be horrible to lose a parent, sibling or child and not know, whatever the relationship between you. Nobody should ever pass unmourned.

With that in mind, Walsall Environmental Heath Department have issued an appeal to trace the family of Caldmore resident David Lockley, who passed away on the 17th February 2015.

The Department issued the following request:

Help needed to find family of Caldmore man

Walsall residents are being asked to help find the family of a man who recently passed away.

Mr David Lockley was born on 8 March 1946 and lived at Flat 10, 92 Caldmore Road, Walsall.

He passed away at home on 17 February 2015.

Neil Harris, principal environmental health officer, said: ‘Unfortunately we have very little additional information about Mr Lockley.

‘His landlord thinks he may have relatives in America so we are hoping that social media may help us to make contact with them.

‘Our sympathies are with Mr Lockley’s family at this sad time.

‘We would be grateful to hear from anyone who may be able to help.’

Please contact Julie Faulkner on 01922 653018 with any information.

Thanks in advance. If anyone would prefer no to contact the council directly for whatever reason, email me at BrownhillsBob at Googlemail dot come and I’ll pass any messages on. 


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