Between the sheets

It’s time for some mappy goodness, I think. I’ve not done any paper scans for a while and thought it was about time I pulled some meatier cartography out of the cupboard for your perusal. I know how much many readers enjoy this stuff, and I’ve a huge stockpile to work through, so I thought I’s share three great maps with you today.

The first, is of the area around Coppice Side, Engine Lane and Birch Coppice in 1962. This is interesting specifically because it captures that industrial area of Brownhills while Bug Row, Coombe House and other lost buildings were still extant.

These are large images and will take a while to download. I recommend you right-click ‘save as’ in your browser.

Birch Coppice and The Slough 1962 1-2500

Ordnance Survey transparency scan ofBirch Coppice and The Slough 1962 1:2,500. Click for a larger version. Large file, may take a while.

The second is a bit of a mystery. It’s an undated composite, and seems to be based on the 1880s 1:10,000 series, expanded to 1:2,500 scale. The style is quite odd, and it’s incomplete – it does, however, show Lichfield in incredible detail. One to peruse at length. Sorry about the poor quality.

Lichfield unknown date 1-2500

Unknown Victorian era Ordnance Survey plot of Lichfield City at 1:2,500, but believed to be based on 1:10,000 scale mapping. Click for a larger version. Large file, may take a while.

The third is the west shore of Chasewater in 1962 at 1:2,500. It just shows the Cannock Extension, the east of the Conduit Colliery and a ‘works’ I’m unfamiliar with. There’s lots more to study on this than there may at first appear.

Norton South and Chasewater West 1962 1-2500

Ordnance Survey transparency scan of Norton South and Chasewater West 1962 at 1:2,500. Click for a larger version. Large file, may take a while.

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  1. ivor230240 says:

    Hello Bob, thanks for the maps in “Between the Sheets” I did most of my grown up until I was 12 living in Coppice Side. We lived with my grandparents whose house was part of the house, first on the left after after “Bug Row.” It was a great place to be a child there was so much open space. I watched the area begin to change after the end of WW2 with the open cast mining of the coppice on the other side of Coppice Side leading eventually to the present industrial estate where the house I loved so much, once stood. So many things happened in Engine Lane, good and bad but all of them interesting. A few years ago I made the mistake of thinking I would cycle down the lane to where the Grove Colliery once stood. It can’t be done. Thanks so much for presenting something tangible to remind me of my past and to show to my wife who was an Essex girl.

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